Custom Pre Roll Boxes

Benefits to having a Custom Pre-Roll Boxes for your brand

Need to customize your Pre-Roll Boxes

Pre-roll Boxes with customization enhance the overall appeal of pre-rolls. These are extracts from hemp and marijuana plant. Hence, smokers tend to buy their favourite smoking alternatives in custom packaging. We GCustomBoxes have a professional team that makes amazing custom packaging, especially for tobacco and hemp products.

For all smokers, we provide them our attractive packaging to enchanting their moods. Pre-roll Packaging is not just for your pre-rolls protection. Besides, it depicts your class also. That’s why; we focus on bringing creative designs and prints for these boxes. Hence, we make the best packaging boxes that are useful for both shipping and displaying. You can choose us or any other professional packaging company to get the best packaging for your brands. 

Benefits to having a Custom Pre-roll Box for your brand

Custom Pre-roll Boxes possess incredible benefits. These boxes are beneficial for marketing purposes along with protecting pre-rolls. That’s why we GCustomBoxes are always providing incredible innovative packaging solutions. For pre-rolls, we have stylish packaging boxes that look great while in your hands. These boxes give you classy packaging for your pre-rolls to compliment your personality. Moreover, you can take our boxes with you along your traveling also to keep your pre-rolls safe from external pressures. Some of the incredible benefits of Custom Pre-roll Packaging are given below.

  • Enhance the market value of pre-rolls

The main concern while fabricating any packaging box is to enhance the marketing value of the packed product. The same is our concern while making Custom Boxes for pre-rolls. Our incredible team selects the latest designs and printing stocks. Moreover, we choose stylish box looks to make this packaging worth buying. Thus, it will become easier for pre-roll brands to market their products effectively. Besides this, printing a brand’s logo with creative designs is another step of the increasing market value of pre-rolls. That’s why to choose custom packaging if you want to enhance the value of your products every time.

  • Eco-friendly packaging

GCustomBoxes is one of those packaging companies that are focusing to make our environment green and pollution-free. That’s the reason; we have shifted our conventional packaging boxes into eco-friendly packaging. For pre-rolls, we craft special Eco-friendly Pre-roll Packaging. This packaging we specially make from cardboard and Kraft stocks. Both of these stocks are biodegradable hence they don’t pollute our environment. Other than this, corrugated material is also a good choice for making shipping boxes. It is sturdiest than all other packaging stocks and thus is best to use for transportation. 

  • Desirable custom dimensions

Pre-rolls are of various kinds. Each company makes its pre-rolls in specific sizes. That’s why they need a different size for their packaging boxes as well. Custom Pre-roll Boxes are generally available in all custom sizes and dimensions. These boxes unlike ordinary packaging can be made into any shape and size. Most of the time, a rectangular low-height box is preferable for keeping pre-rolls. But, other box styles and sizes are available to customize also. GCustomBoxes holds an incredibly professional team that is amazing in crafting any size and shape for custom packaging. So, enjoy your amazing box in any size and shape of your choice.

  • Custom printing for attractive appeals

The best quality of custom packaging is its custom printing. We GCustomBoxes are printing Pre-roll Packaging by using the recent printing techniques. We have state-of-the-art printing facilities that give a new life to your boring packaging. Our design always follows the most recent trends to give you the best of everything we have. That’s why, for printing, we prefer using the latest digital printing and 3D printing. But besides these two printings, we have mostly used screen printing and offset printing services. You can opt for any one of them that is more likely to touch your heart. 

  • Coatings and laminations of your choices

A Pre-roll Box looks complete with custom coatings and laminations applying over them. Without laminating these boxes, their durability decreases. Moreover, it becomes difficult to protect inside packaging items from water damage also. So, select some good laminations for your custom packaging solutions. We have some great options in this regard. For example, choosing matte, gloss, and aqueous lamination will make your boxes more durable and strong. Besides this, Custom Pre-roll Box Packaging looks more finishing in custom coatings and laminations.

  • Economical than conventional packaging

The General wrong perception is there that custom packaging is costly. That is not true at all. Custom Pre-roll Joint Boxes are much economical than their conventional packaging boxes. Especially if you order a Wholesale number of custom packaging, you will get maximum discounts. GCustomBoxes offers special wholesale flat-off deals to bulk purchasers. Try to order in bulk amounts to get bulk offs as well. So, ordering custom packaging is of great benefit other than ordinary packaging solutions.

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