Custom Printed luxury Mailer Boxes

Mailer Boxes for product’s safety and for retail purpose

Customize your Mailer Boxes for product’s safety

Mailer Boxes are used for shipping or transporting goods from one place to another. It could be from warehouses to retailer’s shops or from retailers to the customer’s places. Thus, depending upon the product’s quality and weight, these boxes are designed. Moreover, the shopping perspective of the world is changing dynamically. People prefer to buy their favourite goods online due to the ongoing horrible situation of COVID-19. That’s why everyone wants to sit at their homes or places and buy their necessary things via online stores. Therefore, the Mailer Packaging Boxes are more in demand. Retailers need durable and strong packaging boxes to ensure the safety of their goods.

Through customization, you can now get your favourite and desirable packaging box according to your product’s requirements. We G Custom Boxes here help you to design and craft your Custom Mailer Boxes. From stock selection to laminations, you can customize everything according to your needs. Hence, you need not worry about your product’s safety anymore as we are here to assist you with our professional advice.

Selection of durable Mailer Packaging material

The first step in crafting a durable and strong Mailer Boxes is the selection of the right stocks. In this regard, you should opt for something strong enough to protect your goods. Moreover, during packaging stock selection, you should also keep in mind the weight of the products. For example, for your heavy items, the box should be stronger than for lightweight items. That’s why, whatever you choose, just choose wisely be auto it will decide your brands and product’s fate.

GCustomBoxes helps you to develop your Custom Mailer Boxes. We offer you many options in package stocks. By choosing any one of them you can make a good packaging box. What you have to do is to select according to your product’s requirements. Our professionals will help you to sort out the best thing for your brands. Here is the list of our eco-friendly packaging materials that are quite suitable for Mailer Packaging.

  • Cardboard
  • Corrugated Cardboard
  • Kraft
  • Paperboard
  • Cardstock

Laminations and coatings for extra protection

Besides packaging stocks, another thing that offers good protection is the laminations and coatings of the boxes. During shipping, a box has to go through a lot of difficult situations. It came into the hands of so many people and it changes so many vehicles also. Therefore, there are more chances of a box getting damages through external pressures. Besides this, the risk of water damage always prevails. That’s why; Custom Mailer Packaging is made durable by laminating it through the best laminations.

GCustomBoxes has professional laminations and coatings services. Our professionals know what lamination is best for your box and what is not. Above all, we have a huge variety of customization that we offer to you. For example, matte, glossy, aqueous, and UV spots are a few of them. Besides this, if you want your Mailer Box as gift packaging then we recommend you to coat them with our silver and gold foiling. It will ultimately give a regal and luxurious look to the box.

Printings for a beautiful presentation with Mailer Packaging

Once you have decided to make your Mailer Packaging Boxes durable then you should also focus on their presentation. Not only does durability matter but box presentation also equally matters especially in the case of customer’s expectations. Therefore, custom printing and designing is a great option to beautify your shipping boxes. Besides this, necessary information about the shipping product should be printed on boxes for precautions and good handling.

That is the reason that we GCustomBoxes offer all kinds of custom printing services to our clients. From the latest digital printing to the conventional yet effective offset printing, we have the largest printing facilities. Thus, feel free to choose what is perfect according to your budget and your choices. We are always here to help you whatever your decision will be.

Get a professional help

Mailer Packaging is somehow different than other packaging boxes. Because in this packaging, you will have to ensure 100% product’s safety, that’s why it is different. Your customers will not believe in you again if they get broken items although they broke during shipping. That’s why; one must focus on its shipping boxes more than anything. Due to this, it is good if you seek help from a professional packaging company. GCustomBoxes should be your priority in this regard because of our years of experience in this field. That’s why we make sure that our customers get what they need from us.

From high-quality stock materials to fine coating and laminations, we give the best of everything to our clients. Moreover, our charges are quite economical when you compare them with other packaging providers. That’s why it is good if you take professional help in crafting your shipping boxes.

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