4 Corner Tray Tuck Top

4 Corner Tray Tuck Top is unique yet a famous packaging solution for various retailing items. You can use this tray box to pack your expensive electronic appliances, decorative items, and other retailing goods. Moreover, we provide special insertions like foam, paper, and silk to give comfortable packaging to your expensive products. Not only this, printing and designing customizations make these boxes perfect for promotional purposes also. GCustomBoxes is much experienced in crafting 4 Corner Tray Tuck Top Packaging for your brands.

Durable materials and uniquely printed 4 Corner Tray Tuck Top

If you are dealing with any business then you must know that the packaging of an item is much more important than anything else. Thus, you must opt for durable and stylish packaging solutions. 4 Corner Tray Tuck Top is one of the finest packaging solutions that you can use to keep your luxurious items safe. Thus, you can put your valuable goods in this tray and its lid is tucked in the front panel. So, there is hardly any risk of spilling your products out of the box. Other than this, our insertions keep your products safe in this box. You have options to choose among silk, paper, and foam insertions from our available choices.

Most importantly, we utilize strong and sturdy materials that can keep your products safe during delivery also. Cardboard, Kraft, cardstock, and corrugated materials are our preferable choices for 4 Corner Tray Tuck Top Packaging.

Select the shades and logo designs of your choices

A packaging box can be made more attractive if we add various add-ons along with a selection of vibrant colors. Our custom options for color or shade selection are innumerable and the best among all our competitors. For 4 Corner Tray Tuck Top, we offer you a custom printing selection for both printing techniques and shades. Other than this, we have various logo designs to show you. If you haven’t selected your brand’s logo then we are here to guide you with our experience. Our creative logo designs enhance the worth of your products and make your brands recognizable in the market as well.

Free shipping and wholesale discounts at GCustomBoxes

GCustomBoxes not only focuses on the quality of its packaging boxes but also on the prices of its packaging solutions. Therefore, we keep our rates minimal so that all of you can afford our high-class packaging boxes. For special wholesale discounts and deals, no one is giving such affordable rates that we are offering. Other than this, we have the best flat discounts that we offer on special events. Above all, we are giving free shipping services to our US and Canadian customers. If you live in these two countries, enjoy our free delivery services along with wholesale rates for Custom Boxes.



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