Auto Bottom Tray

To display your retailing products, various box styles are trending in the market. Auto Bottom Tray is one of those that are quite famous for its multiple uses. These trays or boxes are pre-glued therefore easy to assemble. Moreover, utilization and assembling of these boxes are purely time-saving. Thus, they are recommendable to use and place on retailing shelves. GCustomBoxes has expert professionals that can make your packaging looks flawless. Additionally, we have innumerable customer options for Auto Bottom Tray Packaging. You have the freedom to choose among them.

Auto Bottom Tray

Auto Bottom Trays are very much similar to Auto Bottom Boxes with Display Lids. Except for one thing, that these trays have convenient to fold top lid, they are similar to another type of box style. The lid of the tray can be tucked into the back wall and hence give a perfect display plate of tray appearance. Moreover, these boxes are easy to unfold into flat shapes so you can easily transport them. Mostly, these trays are rectangular but we can craft them into any shape of your choice. Besides this, the dimensions and sizes of the box will also be according to the customer’s demands. In addition to this, we offer wide customizations in all other fields of custom packaging.

Durable stocks and eminent designs for Auto Bottom Tray Packaging

The most important thing in crafting a packaging box is the selection of stocks. GCustomBoxes always utilize durable, strong, and nature-friendly materials to craft every custom packaging box. Thus, for Auto Bottom Tray Packaging, we are also using the best and durable stocks from our eco-friendly range. Cardboard is a good option that can endure pressures also. Besides this, Kraft stock and corrugated stocks are also in considerations for these packaging boxes. In addition to this, we have other material options also.

Above all, our prestigious printing services make Auto Bottom Trays look more captivating. A Digital printed box with a custom logo design is the best option to choose for display packaging. Our team is professional in printing and logo designing. Furthermore, we use accurate tools and machinery to print and design logos. We have exceptional logo designs and templates to show you. If you need any alterations in our designs, you may go for it. Hence, our designers will provide you full and free designing assistance. Other than this, we use beautiful coloring shades and combinations for you especially.

For fastest shipping, choose us

GCustomBoxes offers the fastest shipping services all around the globe. We take 4-6 business days to deliver your orders to your doorsteps. In addition to this, we give free shipping to our US and Canadian clients as well. Place your order immediately to get free shipping and special flat offs.



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