Bookend Boxes

For your luxurious products like expensive jewelry, toys, software, CDs, or DVDs, we give you an exclusive packaging box which is Bookend Box. This box has double front panels; one is attached with a lid, so when we shut down the box the inner front panel is hidden as the foldable panel faces the front. Hence, double panels and sturdy stocks make Bookend Boxes perfect to keep your expensive products and gifts safe. Moreover, these boxes look regal yet stylish so they attract customers within seconds. Thus, you can use them to promote your brand’s items as they never disappoint you. We are offering them at wholesale rates.

Bookend Boxes

Bookend Boxes as the name suggest more or less resemble a book. When they are placing on a retailer’s rack, they give you an attractive and appealing look. Magnetic closures on their lids make them safer to carry your expensive products. For example, these boxes are best suitable for luxurious jewelry, stones, makeup products, and software devices.

In addition to this, double-front panels give these boxes extra protection and a fine front overview. Besides this, you can get these boxes in every size and shape that is your requirement. Generally, these boxes are of low height and rectangular shape. But, if you need any alternations in the size and dimension of Custom Bookend Boxes, we will happily do this for you. in addition to size and dimensions, we make custom boxes of your preferable material, logo design, coloring schemes, and coloring patterns.

Get logo printed Bookend Packaging Boxes

As Bookend Boxes are eye-catching packaging boxes so, various brands prefer to pack their luxurious goods in them. Thus, for a better presentation, we recommend you to get these boxes by GCustomBoxes. Our creative heads and designers are always busy giving you some unique packaging solutions. Therefore, our designers design your brand’s logo creatively and get them printed over your Bookend Packaging Boxes. We have a wide range of logo design options. Except for this, you can choose another design of your choice. Our design templates are unique and innovative that gives an attractive look to the packaging of your luxurious product.

Choose GCustomBoxes

GCustomBoxes is a name that depicts quality more than anything else. We give high-class and contemporary packaging solutions to keep our standards higher than anyone else. Not only do we keep our standards higher but also the rates of our packaging boxes are reasonable. Thus, for special wholesale discounts and exclusive deals, we are the best place for you. Our customer dealing staff would feel immense pleasure in helping you. So, call us anytime to share your queries and to place your orders.



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