Bottom Tray

Bottom Tray as the name suggests is a packaging tray with a deep bottom. This tray is comprised of two parts and that is the lid and the bottom tray itself. Our hardworking professionals craft these trays by utilizing sturdy cardboard stocks. Hence, these trays are safe to pack your bakery items and other foodstuffs. In addition to this, we add a window with a PVC sheet over it that increases the visual display of the Bottom Tray as well. Other than this, we provide all kinds of customizations from material selection to the final printing and coatings.

Bottom Tray

Bottom Tray has another name which is 1-2-3 Bottom Tray and is generally made up of cardboard. This tray is uniquely customizable to carry any stuff and product inside it. Moreover, it also falls in bottom closure boxes as well as in the showcase exhibit category. As this tray is of cardboard hence it is best to provide security to various products. The sturdiness of cardboard makes these trays durable, protective best for safety purposes if retailing goods.

It is more or less like Two-Piece Boxes because it is similar in structure to them. Thus, this tray has two parts or units; one is the tray itself while another one is its top cover or lid. Due to lid addition, these trays are perfectly suitable to carry foodstuff along with other goods. Lid or cover on these trays keeps your food items safe and protective against any kind of adulteration.

Customization of 1-2-3 Bottom Tray

1-2-3 Bottom Tray is available in a diversity of customizations. We prefer making these trays by using cardboard, but you can choose another material if your choices as well. Besides this, as this tray has an enclosed wall structure so through customization we can increase its visual display. For example, we will add a window that has a PVC sheet over it also so you can have a look at your packaging products from outside. Other than this, usually tray is kept simple. Through customization, we can add coatings and insertions on Bottom Trays as well. Consequently, paper and foam insertions are most likely to use. It is simply dependent on your choices and foodstuff that which insertion you want to use. Additionally, we provide custom printing and logo design services also. So, you can happily display your cupcakes, candies, muffins, and other bakery stuff through these trays.

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