Bowl Sleeve

Bowl Sleeve is quite clear from its name that it is used to pack bowls that are luxurious and sensitive. Your glass and ceramic bowls and other similar crockery items are perfectly safe in these boxes. Hence, the design and construction of these boxes support inside packaging material. Other than this, Custom Sleeve Bowl is a packaging solution that is best for shipping sensitive glass items. We craft these boxes in a diversity of dimensions and various designs. Above all, we offer a custom logo design to print on these boxes that is a fine solution to market your crockery as well.

Bowl Sleeve

Bowl Sleeve Boxes fall in the category of figure and pattern boxes. These boxes as their name depicts are best to carry bowls inside them. Moreover, you can place your glass bowls and ceramic bowls easily in these boxes. Durable and strong materials are used to manufacture these boxes. Hence, these boxes give full protection to your sensitive crockery during shipping and transportation as well. Not only for crockery but are these boxes also good to keep food and varieties of beverages inside them. Thus, it’s a customer call that for which purpose he wants to use these Custom Wholesale Boxes.

Custom Bowl Sleeve Boxes

To pack your sensitive glass crockery especially bowls, Custom Bowl Sleeve Boxes are the best solutions ever. These boxes usually consist of two parts. One is the base tray while another one is the lid to cover your inside products. GCustomBoxes offer complete customizations of these boxes as our boxes are available in variable dimensions and sizes. As these boxes are best suitable to keep your bowls hence we make them in every possible size and shape. Thus, your fragile items will not get any damage during shipping.

Other than this, we keep various insertions inside these boxes for safe delivery. For example, foam insertions and paper insertions are the two most used options to keep your sensitive crockery safe during transportation. Other than this, we make these boxes with various compartments. Cardboard and Kraft stocks are mostly utilizing for making compartments. Other than this, we make Bowl Sleeve Boxes by using cardboard and corrugated materials. These two are preferable because of their sturdiness. Hence, heavy bowls and other glass items are secure for displaying and shipping due to these two stocks.

GCustomBoxes as your packaging helper

To pack your luxurious and expensive bowls and other crockery items, you require sturdy yet affordable Packaging boxes. GCustomBoxes is a master in creating unique and reasonable boxes. For example, Bowl Sleeve Boxes are available in a diversity of designs and prints. So, make a call to book your order that is suitable for your brands.



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