Cardboard Cake Boxes


Desserts and sweets are immensely likable by every one of us. Cakes always top the category of dessert due to their massive eating on every occasion. Thus, decent yet strong packaging is preferable to pack these scrumptious items. Cardboard Cake Boxes are the best choices in this regard. Our professionals craft these boxes in almost every size and shape as per customers’ needs. Moreover, we design these boxes exclusively for each brand, especially for marketing purposes. If you are planning to buy Cardboard Cake Packaging then you must consider GCustomBoxes as we are the best in this category. We like to take custom orders from our clients and then fulfill their packaging needs as well.

Why Cardboard Cake Boxes are preferable for your cake business?

Food items especially bakery products require special care to maintain their shelf life. They can be deteriorating if no proper packaging is provided to them. Therefore, their sellers pay much attention to their packaging. We recommend you to get Cardboard Cake Boxes both for shipping and display purposes. We recommend cardboard because of various reasons. Above all, cardboard is an eco-friendly, strong, and durable packaging material. Thus, it keeps your cakes and other baking items fresh and maintains their flavors for the maximum period. Other than this, as it is strong so it maintains the shape and original form of cakes while taking them away to the customer’s place. Dye to these great benefits, Cardboard Cake Packaging is always the preference of every cake brand.

Reliable and strong Custom Cardboard Cake Boxes 

Food packaging has much more importance than retailing items packaging. Your delicious cakes look more appetizing if they are in attractive package boxes. For this reason, cakes and other sweets are always packed in beautiful yet strong boxes. Customization of Cake Boxes is the best way through which you can market your brands. Hence, you can get the box of your desire from us as we make custom packaging on customers’ demands. Cardboard is a much likable packaging solution so Custom Cardboard Cake Boxes are more in demand than any other box.

We have a superb creative team that makes the best custom Packaging in town. Moreover, we are experts in crafting any sized and shaped Cardboard Cake Packaging Boxes. From a small box for cake slices to the larger box for larger servings, we give you various boxes. Besides dimensions, we make these boxes in your preferable designs and styles as well. You just have to tell your preferences and requirements to our designers, the rest will be surely their concerns.

Cardboard Cake Boxes in different styles

Cakes are enjoyed on different occasions like birthdays, weddings, celebration parties, etc. Thus, their box packaging must be of various styles. We manufacture Custom Cardboard Cake Packaging in different styles. For example, we use cardboard to make double-walled front tuck boxes, sleeve boxes, and window boxes to keep cakes and cupcakes. Besides this, if you want another box style of your choice, you can tell us freely. Our team will make your box according to your desires. In addition to this, we make these boxes eye-captivating by using various ornaments. Ribbons, bows, brooches, beads, and other add-ons increase the overall appearance of these boxes.

Get Wholesale Cardboard Cake Packaging at GCustomBoxes

As cakes and other sweets are largely consumed on every occasion thus it is obvious that their packaging is required in bulk amounts. So, cake business owners find it difficult to get bulk packaging for cakes at reasonable rates. We provide them with Wholesale Cardboard Cake Packaging at affordable rates. We also give special discounts and flat offs on bulk orders. If you need bulk and reasonable packaging then no one can beat the class of GCustomBoxes for sure.

Why choose GCustomBoxes? 

GCustomBoxes is not only a packaging provider but it is your best consultant when it comes to your brand’s promotion. We provide you with great quality stuff at affordable rates. Moreover, our designers give you free design consultancies. We are also exceptional at giving our clients flat offs on special events. Above all, our delivery service is the fastest and efficient one in the whole world. We take 4-6 business days to deliver your orders after their final confirmations. Place your order now to get to know why GCustomBoxes is best for you.



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