Custom Auto Bottom Boxes with display lids


Auto Bottom Boxes with display lids prove to be an excellent option to pack your retailing goods and for their shipment as well. These boxes are foldable boxes that are very easy to assemble. We here at GCustomBoxes make these boxes attractive through our prestigious designing and printing services. In addition to this, the stocks that we utilize for these boxes are 100% eco-friendly. Our sturdy materials offer full safety and protection to your products that are packed inside these Auto Bottom Boxes. Above all, each brand can get is custom box according to its requirements from us

Auto Bottom Boxes with Display Lid Boxes

Auto Bottom Boxes are very easy to assemble and due to a display lid, they provide and extra space to write details about your products. These boxes have an auto-lock at the bottom due to the addition of flaps. Their display lid increases their worth more; therefore, they are greatly in demand by various brands and different product sellers. These folding cartons are usually made up of corrugated and cardboard stocks. Due to the sturdiness of these two stocks, we prefer to make our Auto Bottom Boxes with lids by using these two materials. Corrugated material offers more sturdiness and durability than cardboard because of additional layers of materials. Thus, these boxes are the best solutions to transport your goods along providing a good display.

Innovative and stylish packaging of Auto Bottom Boxes

Auto Bottom with Display Lids is a stylish box that offers both durability and presentation. These kinds of boxes are best to promote or market your brands. Extra space in these boxes makes them a good option to display your items in a better way. Moreover, folded display lid of these boxes is an innovative approach that hits customer’s minds. Other than this, the bottom locks give extra strength and security to the boxes. Due to which you can add your heavy items to these boxes also for shipping purposes.

Another good thing about these boxes is that they keep the products intact or in their original while shipping and display. Thus, these remarkable features make Auto Bottom with display lid packaging a favourite of many brands and then their customers as well. Above all, we like to take custom orders for these boxes. That means you can have the box of your required size, shape, dimension, colour, material, and print, etc. Therefore, we always remain on the priority list of so many brands when it comes to custom packaging.

GCustomBoxes for your all kinds of packaging boxes

If you need durable, stylish, trendy, and affordable packaging boxes, then you must consider G Custom Boxes. We provide all kinds of packaging boxes at extremely affordable rates. Moreover, we have the largest customization options to show you. You can contact with our customer dealing staff to get to know about your preferable box’s further details. Hence, we are always here for your better assistance


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