Custom Chinese Food Packaging Boxes Wholesale

Packaging of food products is a hot topic nowadays. Food sellers or brands need secure packaging to keep their foods fresh for the maximum period. Moreover, they also require good packaging to attract customers to their brands. Chinese Food Boxes are one of the great solutions to pack and deliver foodstuffs. These are not only used to pack Chinese foods but you can use them for packaging other foods also. Chinese Takeout Boxes are usually made up of cardboard. Hence, these boxes give perfect protection to the food packed inside these boxes. We offer wholesale rates on all Food Boxes with free shipping as well.

What are Chinese Food Boxes and their importance?

Every increase in population leads towards new food requirements. Hence, food industries are rapidly growing from previous decades. Chinese foods have a special place in food industries due to their delicious tastes. With the increasing popularity of Chinese foods, their packaging boxes were introduced in the market years ago. Chinese Food Boxes are also known as paper pails or oyster pails. Although they were initially invented to hold oysters but now used as multipurpose food containers. They are the best solutions for takeaway and food deliveries. These boxes are spacious and can carry a lot of foodstuffs. In addition to this, these boxes are easy to carry anywhere with you. Hence, the multipurpose use of a Chinese Food Box makes it a famous food container all around the world.

Why the practice of Chinese Food Box is growing?

With the increasing demands of food in the world, the practice of using their packaging boxes also increases. People are finding new and innovative ways to pack their foodstuff. Moreover, a durable box with good protecting factors is preferred for carrying food. Hence, the practice of using Chinese Box Food is increasing. We craft these boxes by using high-quality stock material. Therefore, they are best for keeping foods fresh and maintain their flavours for the maximum time limit. These boxes are made up of a sheet of cardboard and then folded into shape for these boxes. Besides this, we can unfold the box and get a paper plate in return.

Our Cardboard Food Boxes are the best solutions to carry Chinese and other foodstuffs for delivery purposes. These boxes offer sturdiness and protection up to the maximum limit. Therefore, people are using these kinds of boxes more frequently than ever.

Diverse classifications of Food Boxes

Food Boxes are of various kinds. Sometimes it depends upon their sock while sometimes it depends on styling as well. Here we are discussing some highly acknowledged categories of Packaging Boxes for Foods.

  • Chinese Food Containers/Takeout Boxes

Chinese food is amongst the delicious foods in the world. Noodles, Manchurian, Chow Mein, and oysters are some of the favourite Chinese foods all around the world. Thus, special boxes are made to carry them. Chinese Takeout Boxes are multipurpose packaging boxes. Like foods remain warmer in these boxes. Besides this, we can unfold them into a plate. Furthermore, these boxes can also be used to gift some delicious food items to friends.

  • Custom Food Packaging

Customization of a food container requires expertise. We craft Custom Food Packaging in various sizes and dimensions. Moreover, we take custom orders of food sellers and make their boxes as per your needs. You can put any kind of food in our boxes to keep them fresh. For example, we offer customization in styling, stock selection, and printing of boxes. Any food brand can get its logos in beautiful designs over these boxes as well.

  • Cardboard Food Boxes

Cardboard is the favourite and best material whenever it’s for keeping food fresh. Any kind of food retains its flavour if packs in these stocks. Moreover, cardboard is an organic stock that can be recycled and reuse as well. Thus, people appreciate the idea of using this stock to keep the environment healthy and protected. So, you should get Cardboard Box for Food if you want to flaunt your brands. It will surely grab more customers for you.

  • Things which matters a lot

Whenever you plan to get packaging boxes for your foodstuff, you must pay consideration to certain things. For Chinese Food Boxes, must checkout the following things of the box that you want to purchase.

  1. Printing

A nicely printed box can attract more customers than a simple blank packaging box. Therefore check out the quality of printing over a box before buying. We offer the eminent and latest digital printing. Besides this, we also have the simple screen and offset printing options. Every customer of GCustomBoxes has the freedom to choose his favourite printing technique.

  • Packaging

Besides printing, the packaging stock is another important factor. Therefore, we always pay attention to make your boxes in high-quality stock like cardboard and Kraft, etc. Our Chinese Food Containers are of great quality due to eminent packaging stocks. They are sturdy as well as durable to give good protection to foodstuff.

  • Discounts

We offer special discounts on special occasions. For example, you may get flat offs on Christmas and Easters, etc. Besides this, on your special occasions, we give special deals that are profitable for you.

  • Shipping

Most sellers and buyers are conscious of shipping services. They are afraid of online ordering due to the bad shipping experience from previous packaging providers. But, we GCustomBoxes offer the fastest and safest shipping services to all around the world. We have a free delivery service with a 4-6 days turnaround period. So, you can order now without any hesitations of shipping services.

  • Wholesale prices

Most importantly, what we offer to our customers are our wholesale prices. Our Food Packaging Wholesale is a treat to our clients. Thus, the rates that we offer at wholesale orders are extremely reasonable and affordable. Besides this, the quality of our wholesale packaging is excellent as per our promises.

Look for a trusty manufacturer

Before ordering packaging stuff for your food brands, must check the reputation of your packaging provider. Always choose a trustworthy manufacturer. GCustomBoxes is working in the field of packaging for more than a decade. We have a long list of satisfied and permanent customers all over the world. In addition to this, we take new customers more happily and welcome them with our prestigious packaging services. Our Wholesale Food Packaging Boxes are one of their kinds having an excellent quality of stocks. Your foodstuff remains fresh and protected in our packaging boxes.

Above all, our shipping is completely free so you can order without worrying about paying shipping charges. We are waiting to serve you with the most efficient packaging services that we offer.


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