Custom Cigarette Boxes Wholesale

Cigarettes being highly demanding tobacco products need stylish packaging boxes. The trendy Custom Cigarette Boxes are available at GCustomBoxes. We are crafting these boxes into all sizes and shapes also. From material selection to final look, we are offering plentiful custom options. A customer can get its required packaging box by us at wholesale rates. We have professional graphic designers to design your custom box. Moreover, our printing templates add worth to your smoking products. You have the freedom to style your Cardboard Cigarette Packaging as per your choice. Make a phone call to our caller ID in case you have queries.

Custom Cigarette Boxes, the Right Way to Customize

The trend of smoking has amplified rapidly over the last decade. The young generation especially started to smoke in the last couple of years. They have numerous options in terms of selecting a cigarette because of many brands. If you are a cigarette brand that aims to become popular among smokers then follow our advice. Custom Cigarette Boxes are the finest way to make your brand famous. We are going to give you some tips for the right way to customize your custom boxes.

  • Select a durable and eco-friendly packaging material.
  • Try to be as accurate with dimensions as possible.
  • Select a unique box print along with designing.
  • Your box style should be reliable as well as easy to operate.

Custom Cigarette Boxes Categorization

The way how you present your products will say a lot about how much capable your brand is. Moreover, the presentation of a product is the first thing that a person notices. So, it must be on-point. Customization of the packaging boxes of cigarettes will highlight your brand among all others. For example, your Cigarette Box if looks attractive from the outside, then it will grab more customers. We have categorized various packaging solutions for cigarettes. In this way, you will be able to find your favourite one for your brand easily. Our Custom Pre-roll Boxes are also as attractive as our packaging for cigarettes. The general categories for the boxes of cigarettes based on the followings

  • Nature of packaging material
  • Box styles and designs
  • Purpose of usage ( display or shipping)

Blank Cigarette Boxes as well as Empty Cigarette Boxes

As we have enormous tobacco brands so the choices of every brand are different. By taking into consideration, Blank Cigarette Boxes are a good solution. These boxes are not printed with any of the brand’s logos. We are providing them wholesale. A brand can add its required designs of prints on these boxes if it wants. These Empty Cigarette Boxes can be all white, all brown, or even all black. Adding further, we offer fine coatings or laminations to these boxes. These laminations will keep boxes safe from moisture damage. The customization options will remain the same for these boxes also. The size and dimension of the boxes will also be according to consumer’s demand. These boxes are available in the following box styles.

  1. Sleeve packaging
  2. Flip-top box
  3. The window die-cut box with PVC
  4. Reverse tuck box

Paper Cigarette Boxes to Map on Customer’s Conscious

The rate of pollution is increasing so quickly that environmentalists mark this rate as alarming. Ordinary packaging boxes are one of the main sources of land pollution. We take it as our responsibility to take care of our environment. We have designed extraordinary Paper Cigarette Boxes. These boxes abruptly grab the attention of customers. Kraft stock is used for making these boxes. In addition to this, these eco-friendly boxes can be reused and recycled. Hence, we are playing our role in environmental conservation also. These attributes make these boxes the customer’s first pick. So, you will be benefited as a brand in this way. Box styles in this packaging solution can vary depending upon the customer’s choice. We are giving full custom options in this regard.

Incredible Blank Cardboard Cigarette Boxes Wholesale

There are incalculable cigarette manufacturers in this world. Being one of them, you have to compete well to survive. Only a good packaging box can make your tobacco brand survived. If you are looking for a solution then we have the one. Use our Blank Cardboard Cigarette Boxes to give a new life to your brand. As we all know that cardboard is 100% nature friendly. So, it is highly appreciated by customers. In addition to this, these packaging boxes are bio-degradable and reusable. These factors further increase their worth.

For us, quality matters the most. Without compromising on our quality standards we are giving reasonable rates. Despite our competitor’s highest rates, we are charging a very economical amount. Try out our wholesale discounts by adding into the card the bulk or wholesale orders. As a result, we will give incredible discounts to our reliable customers. Our wholesale discounts are also applicable on Custom CBD Packaging Boxes.

Cardboard Cigarette Boxes vs. Paper Cigarette Boxes

The debate is never-ending when it comes to cardboard vs. paper packaging. We are here to make you understand what these boxes are capable of. Cardboard and Paper both packaging stocks are eco-friendly. Both can be reused, recycled, and bio-degradable. The difference is in their sturdiness. Cardboard Cigarette Boxes are sturdier than paper ones. They give good protection while shipping and transportations. On the other hand, Paper Cigarette Boxes are good to use as display or in daily routines. Both are equally good and of good quality. Smokers love them both. Another thing that makes them differentiated is lamination. Cardboard boxes are printed well. But paper boxes are difficult to laminate somehow.

We provide our Free Shipping Services to All Over the Globe

Just like many other packaging companies, we GCustomBoxes are also offer shipping services at customer’s doorsteps. But another good thing is that we are not taking shipping charges as well. Moreover, our motto is to deliver your order on time. We never delayed our orders as we are a responsible packaging organization. Wherever you reside in this dynamic world, we will deliver at your places. Place your order now and enjoy free delivery services all over the globe.

GCustomBoxes is the Best Route for Your Packaging

GCustomBoxes is a reputed packaging organization that is working tirelessly for its clients. We have been in the packaging field for many years. We aim to deal with quality packaging solutions along with varieties. If you need the best packaging for your brand, then we are the one that can help you. We are helping you in the following ways.

  • Top-notch packaging box styles
  • Unique printing and designing
  • Wholesale and bulk discounts
  • Free shipping services
  • Functional customer care centre
  • Kind and experienced staff

What else more you need? We are all in one solution for all your packaging-related issues. Do not think too much, place our order now!


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