Custom Foundation Boxes

A girl’s professional makeup look is incomplete without applying foundation. A foundation or base is a vital element in a girl’s makeup. Consequently, their packaging boxes are also of great significance. Custom Foundation Boxes are of various types, as we craft them customizable. Diversified options are available in custom dimensions, prints, and designs as well. Our professional knows how to create an eye-catching box style for foundations. GCustomBoxes gives wholesale discounts on Foundation Packaging in bulks. Moreover, our free shipping services are applicable all around the world. Call us at the given number for further details.

Foundation Boxes – An overview

Professional makeup requires professional products. Every professional makeup look is incomplete without foundations. This is the base that makes makeup flaunting. Therefore, these are among highly purchased makeup products. Similarly, the foundation needs good packaging also. That is why Foundation Boxes are made. These boxes are the perfect solution to keep foundations safe. Moreover, for presentation purposes, such boxes also serve great.

Foundations usually come in glass packaging. Hence they can be break easily while shipping and transportations. Consequently, we make these boxes by keeping in view both purposes. Our Foundation Packaging is great for retail as well as shipping purposes. Our professional team is a master in creating unique packaging. We have been always on customer’s favourite list due to our creativities. Additionally, our packaging boxes depict our hard work. We give high-quality product packaging within affordable ranges.

Significance of Custom Foundation Boxes

Foundations are necessary while creating a makeup look. A girl’s everyday makeup along with professional makeup is incomplete without foundation. Therefore, their packaging is also vital and significant. The best thing about the packaging is its customization. We create Custom Foundation Boxes in all sizes and shapes. We have countless varieties in dimensions. You can pick any size and shape of your choice that suits your products.
Customization increases the worth of cosmetic products. People love custom boxes due to their ease of handleability. Furthermore, these boxes are not costly at all. You can get them in your favourite stocks, prints, and designs as well. Therefore, every brand rushes towards custom packaging for its foundations. Our Custom Foundation Packaging has incalculable customers worldwide. It happens so due to our unique styling and designing. We recommend you to get our boxes for your brand’s affirmative image.

Eco-friendly packaging for the protection of foundations

Foundations are usually breakable due to their glass boxes. During shipping, they may face external pressures. Therefore, we urge brands to get their packaging by us. We have the soundest varieties in materials. Moreover, all our stocks are eco-friendly. We know our responsibilities towards our environment. That’s why we are utilizing nature-friendly materials. Our cardboard Foundation Boxes are one of the hot sellers by us. Customers demand these boxes in high quantities. Cardboard is a highly durable stock with great sturdiness.

It has the great properties of protecting products. It maintains their shelf lives as well. In addition to this, Kraft is another good option. But for foundations, we recommend cardboard due to its high sturdiness. Additionally, lamination and prints are clearer on this stock than any other. Besides this, we have corrugated packaging also. This stock is sturdiest than Kraft and cardboard. Hence, it is best for shipping and transportation uses.

Market your brand with Foundation Packaging

Various makeup brands are working worldwide. Some of them are very popular and great customer bases. If you are new to this business, you must understand one thing. The thing is your packaging should be captivating. Therefore, you could be able to compete with other brands that are already working. For this reason, we have unique and stylish Custom Foundation Boxes. We craft these boxes, especially for marketing purposes. Our team creates unique packaging styles along with customization options. We have some high-quality latest box styles for foundations. These are enlisted below.

  • Window die-cut box with PVC
  • Reverse tuck packaging for foundations
  • Sleeve boxes for foundations
  • Two-piece foundation boxes

Latest Custom Printed Foundation Boxes

Foundations are available in a variety of shades. Every brand is launching its foundations. Therefore, competition has become so high. Beautiful packaging helps greatly in attracting customers. We have the latest Custom Printed Foundation Boxes in beautiful prints. Moreover, we give vast custom varieties in printing and designing as well. We print the brand’s logo, their name, and other details with uniqueness. Our creative team is professional in making exclusive printed boxes. Our trendy templates are given on our website. You can prefer amongst them if you want.

Otherwise, we have custom options as well in templates also. You can share your ideas with us. Custom options in printed boxes are wide. Our team has exceptional skills. That is why we produce diversities in, box styles. Hence, our hot selling Foundation Boxes in custom prints are made by using the following techniques.

  1. Digital printing
  2. 3D printing
  3. Offset printing
  4. Screen printing
  5. Flexography printing

Free shipping and wholesale discounts over Foundation Boxes

GCutsomBoxes takes its customers as its family. This is the reason behind our high-quality services. Wholesale discounts are one of those things that depict our sincerities towards our customers. Therefore, we offer wholesale discounts over bulk orders. Our Wholesale Foundation Boxes are a must to try because of their great qualities. Along with quality, we are offering the most affordable rates as well. Hence, you can enjoy the best quality with the best rates by us. Our wholesale rates are applicable on wholesale orders.

In addition to this, we offer free delivery services as well. Our free delivery services are available all around the world. Moreover, there is no minimum order requirement for our free transportation services. You can get Foundation Boxes at your places free of delivery fees.

GCustomBoxes is your best partner

GCustomBoxes is a well-known and highly acclaimed packaging organization. We are working in the field of packaging for more than a decade. Our success is the fruit of our great packaging services. Moreover, we always produce top-notch custom boxes. Along with our high-class quality, we offer affordable rates. Our special event discounts are additional treats to our customers.

Consequently, our calling ID is functional as we are available 24/7 for your queries and calls. If you want any other additions to our existing boxes, we will happily take your advice. We are your best partners in meeting your packaging needs. Make a call if you have any questions. We are waiting for your precious presence.


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