Four Corner Boxes


Regular Four Corner Boxes are best to keep delicate sweet items like cakes, brownies, and cupcakes, etc. Moreover, you can also keep your regular retailing stuff in these boxes. We add a special window on the lid of these boxes to give a perfect visual display to them. Cardboard, Kraft, and corrugated stocks are generally used for crafting these Regular Four Corner Boxes. Moreover, the lid on these boxes may or may not be pre-glued as it is done according to the requirements of customers. Tell us what types of dimensions you require and we will craft your box accordingly

Custom Four Corner Boxes

Regular Four Corner Box is pretty much clear from the name that it has four corners like a simple packaging box does. This box is manufactured for keeping delicate food items like cakes and pastries. We craft these boxes in almost every size and dimension that is most likely to suit your brands. Hence, we craft this box in trendy patterns and unique designs to display your food items in a better way. Thus, a regular box to keep your cakes can be trendy and an attention grabber if it is craft uniquely.

Custom Four Corner Boxes that we manufacture are the finest display of your bakery goods. Moreover, in customization, we give you plentiful options. So, you can plan your box according to your choices. Here are describing the custom features that we are proud to tell you about our

Custom Printed Four Corner Box

  • Talking about the material of the box, it will be worth buying. We make these boxes by utilizing eco-friendly stocks like cardboard and Kraft. Other than this, we make tremendous boxes by utilizing these two stocks.
  • Apart from stock selection, we offer various options in the printing and logo design of the boxes. Our highly professional team thinks in a creative approach and hence gives your innovatively designed Custom packaging solutions. We have the largest logo design templates to show you. Thus, you may contact us and then tell us your requirements. We will design your brands’ logo and print your box according to your wishes.
  • Above all, we also add beautiful and good quality insertion to these boxes. By adding insertions, your cakes and pastries will face a more hygienic condition. Different paper insertions are available so you can add them according to your choices.
  • Last but not the least; we use various ornaments and add-ons to these boxes if you want them for special occasions. We make special boxes for birthday parties and weddings etc.

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GCustomBoxes provides good quality packaging boxes that we are making exclusively for every brand. We have mentioned your calling ID so that you can contact us anytime whenever you want. Our customer dealing staff is always up to answer your queries


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