Custom Four Corner Tray Packaging Boxes Wholesale

Personalized Four Corner Tray Ease for Packing

Custom Four Corner Tray Box is specially designed for storing lightweight goods. The design of the box is like a tray with high ceilings. In some cases, a lid is also included in the design. Can connect each corner inwards. These boxes can provide a high level of product protection. It also provides storage skills and product shipments. Another name for the Four Corner Tray Boxes is the beer tray box. Some of the items used in the four-cornered tray box are bakery items, medical items, and toy boxes.

Custom Four Corner Tray Customization Requirement

The custom printed four corner tray features a simple foldable structure with the flexibility to fold the flat once affixed to the sides for easy folding into custom boxes. It can be an efficient product for shipping variable-size products. The two-sided panel is lined with specific angles that offer convenient easy folding for better shape. Once glued to the size with flaps extended on opposite sides, these trays are doubled in the folded position. It must be designed or customized. There should be a balance between box space and product size.

We also choose to customize the styling style of your perfect boxes as much as you like,

  • 1 to 4 color printing.
  • Spot UV and blind UV.
  • Matte and gloss pieces.
  • Failed in 4 different colors
  • Debossing and uplifting.
  • Cutout window and PVC window.
  • Metal printing
  • Food grade stock.

We Make Four Corner Tray Box According to Market Values

Our bulk orders are provided with innumerable promises of quality and perfection so that you do not even feel that you have wholesale. Every product that is manufactured under our supervision is quality tested and ensures its performance and durability. Our 4 corner tray packaging wholesale is offered at rates that are much lower than the current prices in the market. So if you are a little stunned on a budget or need a small quantity of quality packaging, you can wholesale from us at reasonable prices with confidence that you will get the best quality.

Get Four Corner Tray Boxes with Eco-Friendly Material

We offer eco-friendly four-cornered tray packaging supplies made from state-of-the-art recyclable and renewable materials. Our boards are all biologically capable, and not only that but the ink we use on our product printing as well as on the adhesive gestures that are chemically safe and certified for use by both adults and minors. ۔ We believe in providing maximum protection to natural resources, and that is why we will spare no effort to bring premium and lavish results with the use of substances that do not complement the already deteriorating condition of the earth.

Print your design

The printed four corner tray packaging lets you decide what you want to print on the tray. Your organization’s trademark hidden around the boxes indicates impressions on customers and makes it easier for them to choose the product they want. It also helps companies to advertise their products in a stylish way. We have many designs from which you can choose your choice. You can also print your design on such trays so that they can be shaped in your way.

At we offer an customization of your Custom Four Corner Tray Boxes. There are no additional charges for choosing the design and color of the tray. Because design and printing is a special thing and you can ask a designer for help in this regard. But you should worry about that because we have a team of expert designers. They will be happy to help you with everything from printing and designing. The guidance of these expert designers is free for our valued clients.

Custom size

Custom Four Corner Tray Packaging comes in a variety of sizes that are perfect for your product and fit perfectly. The freedom to choose the size of the tray makes it easy for you to get the right size of the tray. We have different styles and designs available for such packaging solutions. The Designer Four Corner Tray gives you the freedom to choose from a variety of models of such trays. These trays provide an organized and predictable view of your product.

Low price, high quality

We are offering the best competitive prices for extremely high-quality products. Pricing is already very cheap which can be further reduced on special occasions. We also offer special discounts to help you get higher discount rates.

Four Corner Tray Packaging Wholesale with Free Shipping

The 4 corner tray packaging is a great option in contrast to our similar tick top packaging. It comes with a removable upper lid that gives you the freedom to remove the lid or not. At Custom Packaging, we offer you a choice of safety and inner tray layout options in which optional foam or plastic entries keep your product safe and free delivery when you bulk order, Free printing, and free-cutting dye equipment, as well as cheap wholesale prices. Packaging. Well adapted with electronics, frozen food, home appliances, etc., these boxes can display products for maximum appeal and can be easily stored. Packaging in any kind of retail layout looks perfect for lightweight gifts and products.

Get Amazing Custom Four Corner Tray Boxes, Custom Sized Wholesale Four Corner Tray Packaging Boxes with Error Free Packaging Services. Free shipping in the USA.

Why GCustomBoxes

You’ve come to the right place! In GCustomBoxes you will find the best Custom Boxes here. We know your wishes for the preparation of your packaging. We are perfect for carrying the best physical shape to your mind. Give us any artwork, shape, size, or simply an idea. We will work for you with no issue. So we do our best for your product. Our work will discuss your business cell sheet. Get customized packaging boxes now to connect more clients for your business. We can make you the best organization in the marketplace.


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