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Importance of Paper Boxes in the Packaging industry

Paper boxes are getting attention day by day because they are 100% reusable, renewable and biodegradable and at the same time are environmentally friendly and less endangered to wildlife. It requires less energy to recycle paper boxes than plastic bags. Paper boxes have come a long way since their inception in the mid-eighteenth century when some paper bag makers began making paper bags that are tougher and more durable. Custom Paper boxes usually have a box-shaped design that allows them to stand up straight and carry more luggage.
By choosing a high-quality paper bag manufacturer, recycled brown colored paper boxes can provide large and small quantities, regular and premium paper boxes which add a professional touch that buyers like and appreciate. Do also, you can add your custom brand to any paper bag to promote your business.

Select your style and product for Kraft Paper Boxes

Custom paper bags play an important role in product packaging. While you typically use them for in-store shopping, food delivery, and restaurant take-out orders, paper shopping bags can also brand your special deals. Gift special items and discounted products under the theme for your loyal customers or VIP clients. Your customers are more likely to reuse promotional paper bags for their shopping or storage use, so your logo or company name is exposed for free wherever you go.
You can easily make brown paper bags and other designs on practice here. Print colorful gift bags or at least arrange white paper bags. We have likewise recycled Kraft paper boxes for organizations that focus on durability and also give environmentally friendly products.

Choose the right color to complement the background color of the paper bag.

Darker colors work best with white paper bags, while lighter colors will not appear on Kraft brown paper. Your hidden details need to pop out immediately, so make sure the color is bold, bright, or dark enough to do so.
Distinguish between your logo and company name. In addition to the color of your company name or logo, the font size and type should be readable. Your customer can’t form a brand association and remember it if they can’t see you’re branding. Size should not be too small. The logo should also be close to your name so users can make connections.
Include the most important and relevant design details. Add other details that will get your customer to the next purchase. List your social media handles, your website address, organization locations, and contact numbers. Restaurants can highlight their delivery number and any delivery app that allows the user to make their next purchase can use.

Paper Boxes with Handles easy to handle your goods

Wholesale Paper Boxes have recently gained a lot of traction in the packaging industry not only because they are environmentally friendly options, but also because they allow for more customization than regular plastic bags. Custom Paper Boxes are reusable, make branding more prominent, and don’t end up in the landfill. The biodegradable and recyclable nature of the paper bag enables brands to show that they are caring for the planet.

Types of handles

When it comes to Custom Paper Boxes with handles, there is a lot of diversity. One can use many different materials as handles for paper boxes wholesale.


The ribbons are soft, luxurious, have a shiny finish, and are quite durable. Ribbon handles come in a wide range of colors and can suit almost any style of bag. Brown bags and ribbons are not good for them. However, for small and light items, ribbon handles are a great choice, especially when the shape of the bag is more important.

Cotton wool

Cotton also gives a high level of feel like ribbon handles. However, the cotton rope has much more strength than cotton. Also, thick cotton ropes are comfortable when it comes to lifting heavy loads.

Twisted paper

Machine-twisted paper handles are strong and rigid. They don’t feel so luxurious, but they can handle a lot of stress. Also, manufacturers can make them very quickly.

Folded paper

Folding paper is the most economical option. Made from a simple piece of paper, folded paper handles are great for little bags and light loads. Also, the combined paper simplifies the recycling process.

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We offer paper bags in gray color ranging from 18-40 BF to 90-150 gem and four colors Falco and offset and screen printing in white.

Trade details

Minimum order quantity 10000 pieces
Average lead time 15 days
FOB price * 1 USD / piece
Payment options M / T
Payment terms 50% before delivery
Place of origin
Shipping port as per requirements

Kraft Boxes with Handles Free design support

A handy eye-catching custom bag can enhance the shopping experience for your customers and give them a lasting impression on your brand and services. And it’s a personal shopping bag with information about your brand logo and impressions on the bag so that people can quickly promote your brand when people carry it around. Now you can customize gift bags with your design in various choices with us on an acceptable budget.
These are unique-looking craft bag suits for boutiques and gift shops, bakery stores, clothing stores.

Paper Bags all designs

You have a wide variety of paper bag design options available, such as Kraft paper, art paper, and coated paper. You can also choose from hand-length handles, shoulder-length handles, and zipper top paper bag designs, as well as accepting. 2}, and {3. And whether the paper bag design is recyclable, handmade, or biodegradable.

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Custom paper boxes are used for food items. They are clean, pure, healthy, harmless, and sterile. They are expensive and cheap. Custom packaging is carefully packed as haste can be detrimental to health. Healthy eating is essential for a healthy life. We at G Custom Boxes is responsible to provide you top-quality custom packaging products. We also customize products as per your need and requirement.


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