Custom Pencil Packaging Boxes

Pencils being a highly favorite stationery items for everyone need good packaging. Brands dealing with their sales require captivating boxes to pack their pencils. Thus, we make stylish and elegant Pencil Boxes for them. All our packaging solutions are eco-friendly. Hence they offer durability and security to the products. Additionally, our Pencil Packaging is available in various sizes and box styles. Therefore, you can have your favorite box to gift pencils to your kids and friends as well. Wholesale rates are applicable on bulk packaging

Why Pencil Boxes are important for stationery brands?

Are you finding some good packaging solutions for your pencils? We are here to help you in this regard. GCutsomBoxes has an amazing variety of Pencil Boxes. Our creative team has a lot to offer you to pack your pencils. Children grab those pencils or pens that look attractive through packaging. Therefore, stationery brands need attractive packaging boxes. Hence, we manufacture all kinds of boxes for packing pencils.

There seen an increasing competition graph among stationery brands. As the population is increasing so fast that’s why the needs of people are also increasing. For example, the use of pencils and pens is greater. Every department of life cannot move forward without some writing material. Thus, for this purpose, brands want to become famous in the stationery field. Hence, we take part in their efforts through our amazing Pencil Boxes. We have incredible box designs and styles to offer. Moreover, our customize orders are something that holds the attention of customers within seconds.

Types of Custom Pencil Boxes at GCustomBoxes

Variety in stationery packaging can increase a brand’s customer ratio. More option you offer to our customers means more chances of your brand to become famous. Thus, we offer a wide variety of box styles for Custom Pencil Boxes. From material selection to ornament addition, we have vast options to offer. As pencils are of different kinds so, we offer different packaging boxes for them as well. The types of boxes that we offer for pencils are more or less the same as Pen Boxes. Hence, you can use them both for the same purposes. We have the following boxes to pack pencils and pens in a trendy manner.

  • Pencil Box with lock
  • Cardboard pencil packaging
  • Printed Kraft pencil boxes
  • Window die-cut custom packaging
  • Straight and reverse tuck boxes
  • Sleeve pencil boxes
  • Pencil packaging with insertions

Modish Pencil Boxes to attract your customers

Pencils are highly useful stationery items. Also, they are among the highest purchasing stationery products. Therefore, it is important to focus on their packaging. Various brands are offering custom boxes for pencils online. But, you have to choose wisely among them. We GCustomBoxes have modish packaging solutions for your pencils. We work creatively to improve the reputations of brands and sellers. Our Pencil Boxes Cardboard is a highly durable box. Hence, they keep pencils and pens safe during shipping. Additionally, they are stylish yet elegant. Therefore, they are liked by millions of people around the globe.

In addition, to beautify our packaging, we utilize ornaments. For example, ribbons, bows, beads, stones, etc are generally used. Furthermore, we have more styling options for Pencil Box Packaging. Embossing and debossing services are among the highly purchased additions for these boxes. Also, die-cuts with PVC sheets make custom packaging look more presentable than before. Besides this, you can demand your favorite add-ons for your packaging. We make your box according to your desires.

Sizes and shapes of Custom Printed Pencil Packaging

Plan your product in such a way that your customers couldn’t resist buying from you. A captivating packaging helps a lot in this regard. That’s the reason; we have amazing boxes for stationery products. We utilize beautiful printing techniques to craft your boxes. For example, we print by using screen, offset, and digital printing techniques. Additionally, we also offer 3D printed Pencil Packaging. These packagings are great for attracting children and other customers. We take custom orders for crafting boxes to keep pencils and pens.

Moreover, we have tremendous options in size and dimensions. You may ask for any size and shape of Customize Pencil Boxes. Our immensely talented team will make your box according to your choices. Besides prints and dimensions, we offer various options in coating and lamination. In lamination, you can choose among matte, gloss, shimmery, aqueous, and UV spot options. While in coatings, we offer gold and silver choices. Now it is up to a customer which sort of customization he wants. We make his box how he wants.

Affordable prices at Pencil Boxes Bulk

Pencils are highly demanding stationery products worldwide. From schools to offices and banks to medical centers, the uses of pencils are countless. By keeping in mind their high demands, stationery brands require bulk packaging. Therefore, they are looking for reasonable bulk packaging everywhere. But if you are reading this now then you are at the right site. We have Pencil Boxes Bulk at extremely affordable prices. Our bulk order offers are reasonable and affordable to all. Hence, they are given to the customers that order in bulk and wholesale amounts. Besides this, our other rates are also reasonable when you compare them with our competitors.

GCustomBoxes for efficient delivery of Custom Boxes

If you are looking for good Custom Boxes then GCustomBoxes is the best solution. Our services are efficient and exclusive. The best thing about us is that we have customized orders to make. Therefore, every brand can get which sort of packaging it wants. We have an excellent quality of stock, printing inks, and techniques to craft your boxes.

For stationery brands, we make the best Pencil Boxes by all means. Our boxes are eco-friendly with high durability ratios. Last but not the least, our shipping services are superb. We have the most efficient transportation services in the world. For the US and Canada, we offer a 4-6 days turnaround time. Above all, we never make our clients wait so long for their orders. Therefore, we offer the fastest delivery services to offer.


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