Custom Pre Roll Packaging

GCustomBoxes Packaging can customize custom pre-roll packaging shared boxes to meet your packaging and marketing needs. We offer different pre-roll boxes styles and materials for pre-roll joint boxes. In addition, we offer a number of customization options to help you create something truly unique to your business.

Protect your smoking products and pre-rolls in protective Pre-Roll Packaging

The demands for cannabis products are increasing vigorously. Some people are chain smokers while some adopt smoking as a fashion and trend. Whatever the reason for smoke is, pre-rolls are a popular choice. Hence, these are cannabis products with high consumer ratios. A smoker always wants the packaging of his product must be on-point. We craft Pre-Roll Packaging to keep your pre-rolls safe. Pre-rolls are sensitive hence easily breakable over little pressures. Therefore, we utilize good stocks to keep them safe.

It is seen that during shipping, smoking products may face injuries. Due to bad handlings, they get de-shapes before reaching customer’s places. Consequently, protective packaging boxes save them from any mishandling. We craft nice protective Pre-roll Boxes that save your smoking products.

Customization of Pre-Roll Boxes for better brand image

The trend of smoking has increased rapidly over time. Various brands are offering their cannabis products. Hence, they require the packaging of their cannabis products in massive quantities as well. Thus, we have Custom Pre-Roll Boxes to make your pre-rolls fit into our packaging. We improve your brand’s image with our custom packaging boxes. Besides this, to meet your requirement, we offer great customizations. From sizes to coating, you can get your box as per your choices.

Smokers want their pre-rolls with them everywhere. Hence, they keep them in their pockets as well. To make them fit in pockets, we have custom sizes options. Moreover, we print your tobacco brand’s logo on Pre-Rolls Boxes as well. We print logos in customize manners. So, you have the freedom to choose your logo design and style. Our creative team will craft your cannabis box perfectly like Cigarette Boxes. We have custom designs and styles on all smoking product boxes. You have to contact us and tell us what you need. Rest is our concern for sure.

Impress your customers with Cardboard Pre-Roll Boxes

Environment degradation is real. We are facing immense pollution issues. Land waste is one of the major causes of increasing pollution rates. Thus, we are contributing to saving our environment. GCustomBoxes prefers to utilize nature-loving stocks for packaging. Hence, you can impress your customers with the eco-friendly packaging that we offer. Get our Cardboard Pre-Roll Boxes to flaunt your cannabis products. These boxes are perfect solutions to keep smoking products safe. We offer plentiful designs and styles in cardboard packaging.

Our custom options for all kinds of packaging make us the top-most packaging providers. Along with the intense competition, it’s not easy to impress your customers. Numerous tobacco manufacturers are failing due to ordinary packaging. Hence, we have stylish Pre-Rolls Packaging made up of cardboard. Due to the sturdiness of stock, your smoking alternatives will remain protective. Therefore, it is an intelligent move to pick our eco-accommodating boxes. As a result, your brand will get deserving recognition.

Variety in printing and designing for Pre-Rolls Packaging

From printing to designing, we have exceptional offers for you. Having plentiful options, you are the master of your box packaging. Furthermore, our remarkable printing options make our boxes the customer’s favorite. For pre-rolls, we offer the latest printing technologies to prepare your packaging boxes. Variety in designs and prints are our main attributes. A Pre-Roll Box with captivating printing will earn more revenue than ordinary packaging. Therefore, we aim to design uniquely printed boxes for tobacco companies. You may have your box printed in any of the following ways.

  • Offset printing
  • Digital printing
  • Screen printing
  • Flexography printing

Moreover, we coat these boxes by using quality laminations. Our matte, gloss, and UV spot laminations are mostly trendy. People love having laminated packaging for Pre-rolls. Hence coatings keep Pre-Rolls Boxes safe from water damage. In addition to this, we have custom designing templates. We design your logos, print necessary details about products on boxes.

Get bulk discounts on Wholesale Pre-Roll Packaging

The rates of smokers are rising fast. As more people are showing their interest in pre-rolls, so tobacco sellers are making more. When there is an increase in one product’s demands, its packaging will also increase. Thus, to meet cannabis sellers’ demands, we have the bulk of packaging for them. Additionally, we are providing Wholesale Pre-Roll Packaging. That’s means on wholesale orders of these products; you will get discounts in return. Not only this, we offer special event and occasion discounts as well.

Besides having wholesale discounts, we offer free shipping services also. Our shipping is 100% free in the US and Canada. We have no additional hidden charges as well. Despite high inflation, we keep our rates minimum. Additionally, our free shipping is like a treat to you all. What else than reasonable rates and free shipping do you want more? Call us now to get remarkable packaging services on all Custom Boxes by us.

G Custom Boxes—an efficient packaging provider

Efficiency and remain true to our words, keep us going higher always. GCustomBoxes always prioritize its customer choices. We love to take custom orders and work according to your demands. Therefore, in the US and Canada, we are the favorite ones among all packaging companies. Besides our origin, we deliver all around the world. Moreover, our shipping is the fastest and safest. Originality and innovation are our trademarks when it comes to custom packaging. In addition to all services, we also offer free designing assistance. So, we are not taking charge of advising you regarding your designs. Our cooperative staff is impatiently waiting to serve you


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