Custom Printed Wholesale Cake Boxes

Cakes and cookies entail protective packaging boxes to maintain their shelf life. We are crafting the best packaging solutions in this regard. Custom Cake Boxes are available in beautiful colours and prints. We manufacture them in almost every dimension. Additionally, we value customer’s choices. Therefore, our custom range is vast so that customers can select their favourite option from there. Wholesale Cake Boxes are accessible at sensibly lower rates. Other special discounts are also given on these boxes. Get them in customize forms by GCustomBoxes.

Why Cake Boxes Customization is Necessary?

Desserts and sweets have a special fan base. There is not an age limit to like sweets especially cakes. Delicious and tempting cakes are everyone’s favourite. As they came in various flavours therefore they are liked by a large number of people. Moreover, an attractive packaging box plays a huge role in a cake’s success. Customization is therefore needed for impressive packaging. We manufacture craft Custom Cake Boxes in a lot of custom options for our clients. Customization is necessary due to the given reasons.

  • Customization of a dessert box attracts more customers.
  • These boxes prove the centre of attraction, especially for children.
  • By your custom box’s presentation, people get attracted to your cakes and cookies.
  • Besides this, customization enables a customer to gets their favourite box in his favourite colour.
  • On Custom Boxes, the brand’s logo is printed more prominently.

Various Sorts of Custom Cake Boxes

Variety into everything is always a customer’s first demand. People need more solutions as packaging boxes. Therefore, we have various sorts of Custom Cake Boxes. Our large custom variety enables bakery owners to select as per their choices. We take orders exclusively. We know very well that each bakery or brand has its own identity. In addition to this, everyone has different tastes. We work accordingly to maintain their identity or to make them more famous. We provide customization in the following stuff or items.

  • Custom packaging material selection
  • Custom box styling
  • Customized box printing and designing
  • Customized dimensions
  • Additional add-ons and coatings

Cookie Cake Boxes-Window Cake Boxes

Box designs and styles have an important place in a sweet shop. Stunning and eye-grabbing boxes are the centre of attraction in a bakery. You can have a better customer ratio by having a good presentation box. Either for delivery or for dining in, the presentation of food matters a lot. Our Cookie Cake Boxes are made with great expertise. We have designed them in a modern and stylish way. Additionally, we have always utilized the best packaging stock for these boxes. By having good stock, cakes will remain preserved for longer periods. Cardboard and Kraft boxes have been using most probably. These stocks possess eco-friendly properties.

For retailing and display purposes, we have Window Cake Boxes. These window die-cut boxes are having PVC sheets on their windows. We ensure the full safety of cakes and cookies. The packaging stock for these boxes is the same. Our window die-cut boxes are double-walled front tuck. Besides this, we craft luxurious sleeve packaging for cakes and cookies as well. These boxes are crafted on special demands. You can order personalized packaging from us also.

Printed Cake Packaging Boxes with Your Brand’s Logo

If you are searching for a packaging box for cakes then you are at the right spot now. Here at us, you can find a variety of packaging solutions. We have experts in making a bakery’s reputation improved. A cake store can be a customer’s first pick if he is impressed with its packaging. We give your cake brand such impressions. Our Printed Cake Boxes are a must to order. They take you somewhere else with their aesthetic appeal. We use beautiful colours to print these cases. Our digitally printed and 3D printed boxes are perfect for birthday parties. Furthermore, we make customized boxes for special events and occasions.

To print a brand’s logo on these boxes, we use the latest techniques. The tools and methodologies that we use make us superior to other packaging providers. Our professionals print your brand’s logo on your customized packaging boxes. Our Cake Boxes have visual appeal with illustrations. We print Barbie, Spider-Man, captain America or other favourite character sketches on these boxes. You can now intend your box according to your choices. We give free designing assistance in this regard also.

Get Multiple Discounts on Cake Boxes in Bulk

Cakes, cookies, and other sweets are consumed largely throughout the world. Their higher demands make it a profitable business. On the other hand, bakery owners are worried about packaging. Various packaging providers are selling ordinary boxes at high rates. You will feel disappointed by their qualities also. But no more worries at all. GCustomBoxes has the best rates for Cake Boxes in Bulk. If anyone of you orders our custom boxes in bulk, we offer special discounts to him or her. Moreover, we appreciate your presence and give you special discounts. Bulk order means you have to order in larger quantities to get these amazing discounts from us.

Wholesale Cake Box Packaging Free Shipping

Wholesale and bulk are the terminologies that we use for massive amounts. At least you have to order 100 boxes to get special wholesale and bulk discounts. We ensure the quality of our Wholesale Cake Boxes to you. From stock selection to final coating, we are doing everything with great sincerity. In addition to this, the dimensions of the boxes will be of your choice. Additionally, we give our customers honest suggestion about designing of these boxes.

Adding up to this, we offer amazing Cake Boxes Wholesale along with free shipping as well. Our shipping to the USA and Canada is 10% free. We deliver worldwide. Our delivery time comprises over 8-10 working days. However, we also deliver quickly if someone wants. Our special delivery service takes 5-6 working days.

GCustomBoxes is best for Cake Box Bakery

GCustomBoxes is merely not a name of a packaging company. However, it is more than that. It is trust, efficiency, and uniqueness that we are delivering to our customers. Since our establishment, we have made thousands of bakeries popular. Our creative designs and styles give unique look to Cake Box Bakery. Our boxes are best for display as well as for delivery purposes.

For your assistance, we have therefore developed a customer care center. Our staff is always available there to answer your calls and messages. Your presence means more than anything to us. We, therefore, are giving our best to make you happy with our packaging services.


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