Custom Sleeve Boxes

For better protection and presentation, Sleeve Boxes are the best solutions for many businesses. Such kind of boxes perfectly keeps sensitive items secure and safe. Their unique appearance makes them customers’ favourite as well. We are designing highly durable Custom Sleeve Boxes of various dimensions. Our designed boxes are stylish and have the latest designs also. We moreover give digital printing and 3D printing options for these boxes. Our wholesale rates and bulk order discounts can give benefits to your brands. Place your order now and get free delivery service all over the world.

Personalized Sleeve Boxes in the latest designs

Business needs are changing at a dynamic speed. People are now having different choices. They are well aware of the latest trends and demands. Whatever the thing you are selling, you must have to be classy in it. Packaging is something that can impress a customer within seconds. Therefore, one must have a good packaging box for meeting his business requirements. Sleeve Boxes are the closest solutions in this regard. Being highly innovative in style, they are the demands of various brands.
For personalization, a Sleeve Box has various designs that are the latest. It is made up of two parts.

The upper one is called the lid while the inner one is just like a tray. The base part of the tray holds the items in it. On the other hand, the lid keeps items safe from any dirt and adulterations. Fortunately, we have the latest 2021 designs of these boxes. All our designs are unique and exclusive. You can choose any one of the box designs from our widest range. Besides this, we offer customization in designing also. A customer can get a customized box of his choices within a reasonable budget also from us.

Get Box Sleeve with versatile packaging types

Packaging of any product increases its worth if made intelligently. Versatility in packaging is like a blessing for a brand. That is why we have versatile packaging solutions to meet all kinds of packaging needs. Our Box Sleeve can hold jewellery, food, glass items, clothes, and many accessories also. Variety in their styling and designing makes them more favourable for customers. Any brand that aims to target a larger number of customers must try these stylish boxes by us. Additionally, we have versatile packaging types to create these packaging solutions.

We GCustomBoxes have an assortment of packaging types for Sleeve Boxes. We mainly focus on the quality of packaging stocks. Our motto is to utilize top-notch and highly durable packaging materials. Moreover, eco-friendly stock is our priority. Hence all our packaging boxes of sleeves are made up of eco-accommodating materials. Hence we are playing our part in environmental conservation. As a customer, you have the freedom to choose any one of the following.

  • Cardboard sleeve boxes
  • Rigid sleeve boxes
  • Kraft sleeve packaging
  • Corrugated sleeve boxes

Techniques to customize Custom Packaging Sleeves

Every business requires hard work along with creativity. You can make a huge difference in your brand’s identification by introducing innovation. Any small innovation or creativity can do miracles for your brand. Therefore, we are describing some techniques and tips to customize your Custom Packaging Sleeves.

  • Try to make custom boxes digitally printed as it’s trendy. Moreover, if you give a 3D printed box to your customers, it will be more than good.
  • Try to add insertions into the box. It will create comfort while un-boxing.
  • Die-cuts additionally give a tempting look to overall packaging. A Sleeve Box with a die-cut option is best for retailing purposes.
  • Keep the shape of the box exactly according to the items that have to pack. Minimum movement allows items to keep safe and damage-less.
  • It is better to add handles to the boxes. Hence it will be easy to carry and handle such a packaging solution.
  • Additional gold and silver foiling can make these boxes look luxurious.

Get Custom Box Sleeves at wholesale rates with free shipping

A newbie into any business is afraid to take the risk. He must be afraid of over-charges by packaging providers and scamming. Many packaging companies charge huge amounts while giving standard packaging boxes. We are not like that. We always remain true to our clients. That is the reason behind our high-quality packaging and reasonable rates. We are giving wholesale discounts for Custom Box Sleeve. Our wholesale charges are applicable on bulk amount of orders. In addition to this, we are also giving free shipping services. Yes, you read it right; we are not taking any shipping fee. You can now order your boxes without worrying about the delivery fee.

Multiple Sleeve Packaging discounts at GCustomBoxes

GCustomBoxes is trying hard to facilitate its customers by all means. Therefore we have been introducing many discounted deals from time to time. We give special discounts on bulk orders also. Moreover, special event discounts are also available for Sleeve Packaging. Besides this, we are not taking any die-cut charges also. It is free. You can also get free designing assistance from us. Our professional designers are always up to help you. We are experienced in designing, so will give the best ideas to you. If you have any, you may share with us.

For details please visit G Custom Boxes

Our website GCustmBoxes is fully functional. We have uploaded all the necessary details to your website. You can check all the related data about customization at your site. Moreover, our calling ID is also there. You can call anytime for your queries. For more details, please visit our website.


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