Custom Tie Boxes


Give a style statement to your men’s clothing line especially your ties with our Custom Tie Packaging. We design and craft decent boxes to make your brands distinguish from your competitors. Besides this, we give countless options to get your box customized in your favourite stock and dimensions as well. We are making Tie Boxes with utmost uniqueness and creativity. Hence, we are observing a constant increase in our permanent customer ratio. Above all, we give you comforts through affordable rates and discounts.

Add elegance to your men’s suiting brands with our Custom Tie Boxes

There seem not many varieties in men clothing lines as compared to women but you will always find elegance and decency. What makes men’s clothing brands famous is their decent yet stylish packaging and presentation of the product. Some clothing products or accessories are special and they add value to a man’s personality. For example, ties are whenever use they give a whole new look to the person. We GCustomBoxes craft graceful Custom Tie Boxes that suit the need of every brand. Furthermore, we make them by using our creative and innovative ideas. Hence, they are liked and purchased by a large number of men’s clothing brands by us.

Customization of Tie Boxes, adds value to its actual worth. People when stepping into a shop to buy ties, they attract to the one with unique packaging. Additionally, appealing colours and stylish boxes garb their attentions. Therefore, always choose the packaging company that can give you custom solutions for your products.

Varieties in Tie Box Styles at GCustomBoxes

GCustomBoxes always go beyond the expectations of its customers. From simple clothes to accessories, we make every piece artistic with your creative packaging. Thus, if you are looking for stylish Tie Boxes, then we are your ultimate finding. Our professional team gives you stylish boxes to pack your ties. Above all, the style of a box is of great importance. It is the key factor that attracts customers to certain products. That’s why we have unique and stylish boxes for your apparel brands. Our hot sellers are:

  • Sleeve Boxes
  • Window die-cut box with PVC
  • Two-piece boxes
  • Reverse tuck boxes
  • Boxes with handles

Importance of Stock selection for Tie Box Packaging

To improve your brand’s reputation, your packaging must be on point. The presentation of a product says everything about the brand and the product itself. For example, an appealing and sturdy box presentation will attract more customers. While an ordinary box will have bad impacts on a customer’s mind. So, if you have ties in as your brand’s items then you must focus on how you pack them. For Tie Box Packaging, the foremost important thing is the selection of stock.

Good quality and sturdy stock keep ties safe during shipping. Hence, we have two main options in this regard. Cardboard and Kraft are two mainly used stocks for this purpose. Both these materials are good for protecting the products. In addition to this, these are eco-friendly, thus you can play your part in saving your environment from land wastes. Tie Packaging for retailing and shipping both can be made using these two stocks. It will give a positive impact on your brand on the customer’s mind. So, always keep in mind that stock selection is of vital importance. You should not go for an ordinary selection to save your money. Indeed, our eco-friendly boxes are much reasonable than the ordinary packaging.

Add-ons to make Tie Boxes perfect for gift purposes

When a person uses a tie over his suits or formal shirts, they enhance the personality of the person. Hence, these are considered as one of the best gifts. For example, you can gif ties to a friend’s birthday or as a token of appreciation in return for any favour and so on. Therefore, we have commendable options to make your Custom Tie Boxes looks perfect for gift purpose. In this way, we have add-ons to add and make these boxes look appealing. Ribbons glitter, and bows, etc can be used in this manner. Additional die-cut options increase the visual appeal of the products that are inside the box. Furthermore, we have exceptional embossing and de-bossing services to offer our customers. Besides this, we have tremendous Gift Boxes for special occasions and events. You can also get them customized by us.

GCustomBoxes for wholesale discounts and free shipping

GCustomBoxes is not merely a name of a packaging company; indeed it’s a name of trust and believes. Hundreds and thousands of customers are putting their trust in us to run their brands. Thus, we never let them down and hence giving creative packaging solutions to their brands. Above all and most importantly, we have amazing wholesale discounts and deals to offer. Our Tie Boxes Wholesale is a treat to our lovely customers. Besides this, our general rates are much reasonable as compare to the market trends.

Furthermore, we make our customers happy with our eminent shipping services. We have a free shipping service to the US and Canada. In addition to this, we offer 4-6 days shipping turnaround time. In case you need additional information, you can call us anytime.


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