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Toys are favourite things for children to play with. Girls or boys both love to have numerous toys around themselves. That’s why toy sellers want attractive packaging to grabs children’s attention. We make our search easy as we provide eminent Toy Boxes with embellishments and decorative. Hence, you can use our boxes for gift purposes also. In addition to this, we offer customized options to make your Toy Packaging just like you want. Moreover, we design these boxes in a trendy manner. Therefore, GCustomBoxes is a favourite custom box manufacturer in the world

Beautiful Toy Boxes for your children’s happiness

Toys are the most attention-grabbing things for children. Every kid loves to play with toys. In this regard, good packaging can be really helpful. The beautiful Toy Boxes can hold the attention of kids within few seconds. Therefore, you must get a good box for packaging toys. A suitable Toy Box can add value to your product. In addition to this, the beautiful graphic design and style of these boxes are also important. We are specialized in making aesthetic boxes. So, for sure they will add to the happiness of kids as well. Moreover, if you want to gift a toy to a loved one, then box packing is very important. We can create the box according to your necessities.

Customizable Toy Packaging for brands and sellers

Variety in toys is incalculable. From dolls to sports cars, unimagined varieties are there for children to play with. Hence, hundreds of brands are directly involved in the toy business. They are making various kinds of toys and selling them. But one thing is common that all of them need good packaging for their toys. We make customized toy boxes according to the sizes and shapes of toys. Thus, you can find a lot of variety in our size options. Besides this, you may get your box customized depending upon your brand’s needs.

We have exclusive options to customize for Toy Packaging. For example, you can have customized stocks, prints, dimensions, and much more. Our creative team is a master in making your brands everyone’s favorite around. So, get us as soon as possible for your packaging needs.

Box variety for keeping toys secure

Some toys are expensive while some are for reasonable prices. Whatever the toy is, you need secure boxes to pack them. Additionally, if you are using any toy as a gift, its box must be durable and protective. Hence, we offer the most protective and secure stocks boxes for toys. Our Toy Boxes are made up of cardboard, cardstock, and Kraft materials. All are highly durable and eco-friendly boxes. Hence no chemical is involved in our packaging. Choose any of our stock for custom packaging of toys. Moreover, we have trendy box styles to pack your toys as well. Our stylish boxes attract children immediately. Therefore, your toys will have more customers if pack in our boxes. Some of our popular boxes for Toy Packaging are:

  • Sleeve boxes
  • Two-piece boxes
  • The window die-cut boxes
  • Reverse tuck boxes
  • Pillow boxes

Custom Printed Toy Boxes with latest printing and designs

Children attract to their favourite character’s sketch. If a baby girl likes Barbie, she will surely attract to her sketches and pictures. Therefore, we offer the latest printing facilities for Custom Toy Boxes. We use digital and 3D printing to make sketches of a child’s favourite characters. Thus, we take customized orders for gift boxes also. Besides this, we have simple screen printing and offset printing options. It all depends on the customer what sort of printing he wants for his boxes.

In additional services, we have prestigious lamination and coating options. You can choose silver or gold foiling also if you want. Furthermore, our embossing and de-bossing services are exclusive and remarkable. Check out our Presentation Boxes as well. These are also of eminent qualities. Also, we have custom ornaments and embellishments options. You can use them, especially over gift packaging. For example, ribbons, beads, and bows make your toy box look more appealing than before.

Wholesale prices at GCustomBoxes

To get wholesale rates for bulk orders is every brand’s dream. As toys are highly purchased items so their sellers need bulk packaging as well. GCustomBoxes offer special discounts on Toy Boxes Wholesale. So, if any brand orders a massive amount of boxes for toys, we offer them discounted rates in return. Additionally, order deals and reasonable offers are also available. You have to place your order to get special reasonable rates.

GCustomBoxes offer free and efficient shipping services

GCustomBoxes is a packaging hub with hundreds of permanent customers all over the world. Our packaging services are exclusive with just like our Toy Boxes. Not only our boxes are of great quality but our shipping is also. We offer free delivery, especially in Canada and the US. Furthermore, we have a 4-6 days turnaround time for delivery. Besides this, our wholesale rates make us every brand’s favourite. Above all, we have a functional customer care centre. You may call us anytime during the day and night. We are always up to assist you.


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