Custom Two-Piece Boxes


It is clear from the name that Two-Piece Boxes are composed of two parts. One unit is its base or bottom part like a container while another one is the lid or its cover. Sturdy, durable, and great quality stuff is utilizing to make these boxes. Besides this, our efficient team members design unique and classy Custom Two-Piece Boxes as gift packaging also. In addition to this, countless custom options for printing, logo designing, lamination, and add-ons are available. So, you can get the box of your choice at the most affordable rates by GCustomBoxes. 

Custom Two-Piece Boxes Wholesale

Two-Piece Boxes are the most versatile and stylish packaging boxes you will come across. These boxes included two parts or units, one is the container itself while the second one is the lid. The lid of these boxes is mostly separated from the box. Besides this, these boxes are in regular square and rectangular shape. Hence, these boxes are multi-use boxes because you can keep a variety of stuff in these boxes. For example, these boxes are suitable to keep your jewellery, cosmetics, stationery, and other decorative pieces. Other than this, their luxury looks make them perfect for gift packaging. We craft them in alternative designs to make them perfect Gift Boxes for your loved ones.

GCustomBoxes uses the finest stocks for the manufacturing of these boxes. Cardboard is a general and most suitable choice for this packaging. It offers durability along with the finest prints. Our purpose is to make Two-Piece Boxes, memorable packaging solutions for your brands. Other than cardboard, you can choose the material of your choice as well. Furthermore, the printing techniques and high-quality inks make these boxes perfectly suitable to pack your precious gifts in them. We offer you our eminent and prestigious digital printing, screen printing, and offset printings. Besides this, our remarkable laminations make these boxes more attractive to look at. In this category, we have options like matte, gloss, UV spot, and aqueous laminations. So, you can choose any one of them as per your inclinations.

Add-ons and ornaments to make Two-Piece Gift Boxes

Two-Piece Boxes are best for gift purposes because of their remarkable luxurious looks. We use special ornaments and add-ons to give these boxes a perfect gift packaging look. For example, you can have brooches, bows, ribbons and other beads, etc stick to these boxes. Additionally, we can beautify your Two Piece Box Packaging exactly how you imagine.

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