Custom Vape Packaging Boxes

Due to the increasing demands of vapes, the need for their packaging boxes is also increasing. Vape manufacturers require stylish yet durable Vape Boxes for their smoking products. We design their boxes in such a way that they will get customer’s attention within seconds. Moreover, we utilize high-class stocks and high-tech printings to craft your Vape Cartridge Boxes. Stylish boxes and logo prints make your brands recognizable among your competitors. GCustomBoxes offers special discounts and wholesale deals along with free shipping.

We design Vape Cartridge Boxes to help your brand’s recognition

Vape is a device that has flavoured nicotine and other smokes. People inhale their favourite smoke through these modern devices. Moreover, these vapes came in stylish glass pre-filled tubes. Thus, it’s much important to pack these sensitive tubes carefully to avoid their breakage. Besides this, a good packaging box is necessary for a brand’s recognition. Therefore, we design Vape Cartridge Boxes that help your vape brands to get recognized among your competitors.

Our skilled and highly professional team crafts your box in creative ways. As a result, when your Vape Box is placing on a retailer’s shelf, it will get the attention of customers within seconds. Our designs help various brands to boost their sales due to the innovations that we put into our packaging boxes.

Custom Vape Boxes as per your demands

If you are a vape manufacturer then you will know that how much competition you are facing. When there is such intense competition, then you must do something creative to highlight your brand in the market. Consequently, attractive custom packaging boxes make your work easy as they are liked by customers. We, therefore, offer a wide range of customizations for Vape Boxes. Hence, you can design your box as per your wishes and choices.

Material selection, colour combination, design, and style of the box along with printing, everything will be of your choice. Our Custom Vape Boxes are perfect solutions to pack your smoking alternatives in a better and presentable way. Above all, our designers stay in touch with you so that they can give you exactly what you want.

High-quality protective and durable materials for Vape Boxes

Material or stock selection while making custom boxes is of great significance. Smoker always wants best packaging boxes for their favourite smoking products. Moreover, they carry their nicotine inhaling products with them everywhere, so they require durable boxes for their protection. Therefore, we craft Custom Vape Cartridge Boxes by using durable and bio-degradable stock materials. We use cardboard and corrugated stocks that offer complete protection to your vapes and other smoking alternatives. Furthermore, you can customize stock’s thickness as per your choices. We offer customization of stocks for all tobacco products like Cigarette Boxes etc. Our motto is to keep your smoking products safe during shipping and within your pockets. That’s why we utilize durable and sturdy stocks.

Besides cardboard and corrugated, we have other options also. It all depends on the customer’s choices and needs that what he wants for its brand. We will surely craft your Vape Boxes as you want.

Get your Vape Cartridge Packaging with your brand’s logo

As we are witnessing high competition among vape brands, so we recommend all our clients to get custom stylish packaging. Printing of your Vape Box is the first thing that a customer will notice. Thus, it should be on-point and eye-captivating. The best way to market your nicotine product is to get your box printed with your brand’s logo. Hence, your customer will remember you for a longer period. Above all, we here at GCustomBoxes offer eminent and prestigious printings. For example, digital, offset, screen, and 3D printings are mostly used by vape brands. You can also check our Pre-roll Boxes as we print them exclusively also.

Stylish boxes for Vapes to get customer’s attention

Smokers are very sensitive to their vapes, cigarettes, and pre-rolls safety. Along with safety, they demand stylish boxes for them. A stylish box adds value to their personality, that’s why they need them to maintain their class. Surely, we understand our customer’s needs and requirements. Therefore, we always prefer to design a stylish case for their smoking items. For vapes, we have stylish and trendy Vape Boxes. One of our highly praised boxes in this category is Sleeve Boxes. These are durable, stylish, and trendy so customers love to put their vapes in these boxes. In addition to this, we add a window to these boxes to make them more attractive and appealing.

Moreover, we have other options also like flip-top boxes, reverse tuck boxes, straight tuck boxes, Two-Piece Boxes, etc. Additionally, we add foam and paper insertions to these boxes to give a comfortable touch to your products.

Special wholesale discounts on Bulk Vape Boxes

The rates and trends of smoking vapes are increasing rapidly. With the increasing demands of vapes, their packaging boxes are also higher in demand. Thus, vape manufacturers are always in need of finding good boxes along with reasonable rates. We give them both, quality and affordable prices. So, we have Wholesale Vape Boxes that are of great quality and available to you at the most reasonable rates. If you order your custom boxes in bulk amounts, we have special deals and discounts for you in return. Besides this, we give other special event discounts from time to time also.

Why should choose GCustomBoxes?

Every brand needs good quality and durable packaging boxes for their products. Therefore, they should choose reliable and trustworthy packaging providers. GCustomBoxes is an acknowledged packaging company that aims to provide high-class packaging solutions to its clients. Not only great quality, but we also keep our rates reasonable so that all our customers can afford our great quality stuff. Apart from this, we are best at shipping your orders within time. We deliver your orders within 4-6 days turnaround after its confirmations. If you need any help, our customer care staff is always up. Call us anytime


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