Disc Folders

With the innovations, everything is getting updated. Thus, new software and games are inventing day by day. The majority of them are available online to download but still many are available in the form of CDs and DVDs. Thus, for the protection of these software storing devices, we use Disc Folders. These folders and boxes are available in innumerable sizes and dimensions. Hence, you can get them in your required dimensions that are the need of your software brands. GCustomBoxes is a pro in crafting any size and shape or these boxes within an affordable range as well.

Disc Folders

Disc Folders are specially designed to store your CDs and DVDs. These folders keep your software devices safe from scratches and damages. Hence, it is important to craft these folders using strong and durable stocks. Cardboard is a fair choice in this regard. It keeps your CDs and DVDs safe while shipping and storing. These folders are not only for protecting software devices but also for the promotion of the relevant company. Hence, there must be additional eye-captivating factors to get the attention of customers. For this purpose, we use various techniques. For example, we use high-tech printing and logo designs for the marketing of your software businesses. Thus, digital printing is our favorite one among all. Besides this, you may choose other printing options like screen and offset printing for Custom Disc Folders.

Custom Coatings over Disc Folders

Other than printing and designing Disc Folders, we offer custom coatings as well. Through a perfect coating, CDs and DVDs will be safe from any kind of damage and pressure. In this manner, we have UV spot coatings, matter, gloss, and aqueous coatings or laminations also. Besides this, if you want to use this folder as Gift Packaging, then you may get them in silver and gold foiling. Our team is quite experienced and efficient in crafting your favorite Disc Packaging.

Other than this, we have custom logo designs also. If you want to print them on these folders, we are ready to give some outclass and creative logo designs to you. Thus, you can choose among them as per your choice.

GCustomBoxes offer free shipping

To the customers of the US and Canada, we have special free delivery services. Besides them, we take negligible shipping fee. Other than this, we give special wholesale rates to our bulk purchasers. Hence, you can get your Disc Folders in reasonable amounts from GCustomBoxes. Call us for additional details.




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