Double Wall Tuck Top

The top closure category of packaging box styles has an amazing Double Wall Tuck Top Box. It’s very much clear from its name that this box has double walls. Double Walls mean the box is strong enough to protect the inside packaging items. Moreover, this box is more or less like a tray that has a lid also. But the lid of this box is not glued with the walls instead the lid has three flaps. When the lid extends all the three tuck flaps go the way down towards the tray and make the box more secure. GCustomBoxes makes this packaging box in custom sizes and dimensions to meet the packaging needs of every brand.

Double Wall Tuck Top Boxes

Double Wall Tuck Top Boxes are secure packaging cartons that are suitable to place a variety of stuff inside them. Furthermore, the Double walls of these boxes increase their durability and sturdiness. Thus, you can carry these boxes anywhere with you as they are safe to travel with. Moreover, three flaps on the lid make them even more secure than anyone’s imagination. The top and lower parts of the tray is not attached previously. Instead, the lid is extended into three flaps that are efficiently and safely folded down to get attached to the bottom tray. The bottom part or tray of this box provides a vast space to place a variety of retail items.

Thus, this box has multiple uses so the owner of this box decides how to use this. Other than this, Double Wall Tuck Top Box is easy to assemble, carry and unfold. That makes it convenient for shipping.

Custom Double Wall Tuck Top Packaging

A secure and ideal packaging box always offers complete safety to the packaging items along with a good presentation. Custom Double Wall Tuck Top Packaging is a desirable, ideal, and safest packaging solution that is used for delivery purposes. Moreover, our creative designers make these boxes a treat to buy. From using high-quality materials to fine printing and laminations, we give you our best. Furthermore, we are also providing custom logo design services for all packaging solutions. Instead of sticking to ordinary packaging designs, our designers are busy giving your creative and contemporary packaging solutions. Our custom design templates are vibrant and available in various colors. So, you can choose the box of your favorite design as we have the widest options in this regard.

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