Full Flap Auto Bottom Box

Full Flap Auto Bottom Box is more or less similar to an auto-lock box except for one difference. This box is already pre-glued thus it is considered best to carry heavy-weight items. Another good thing about this box is that it can be folded down to give extra space. Therefore, Full Flap Auto Bottom Boxes are easy for shipping in bulks and also easy to assemble. Strong and durable materials are preferable for their construction. GCustomBoxes additionally provides special discounts and flat offs for bulk purchases.


Full Flap Auto Bottom Box

Among a lot of packaging boxes, some are good for lightweight items while some are for heavy-weight items. Full Flap Auto Bottom Boxes are best to use for carrying heavy items. For example, you can transport your heavy crockery, electronic appliances, and other such retailing goods. Moreover, we utilize a strong and durable packaging material to craft these exceptionally good boxes. We keep in mind the purpose of this box and thus design this accordingly. Strong cardboard and corrugated stocks are our favorite when we are manufacturing these boxes. Besides this, you can choose another material of your choice as per your needs.

Customization of Full Flap Auto Bottom Box

Packaging material must be plan accordingly to its purpose of use. Therefore, custom boxes are preferable packaging solutions that are designed specially according to customer’s choices. For Full Flap Auto Bottom Boxes, we provide complete customizations like you can choose the color, material, dimensions, and print of your choice. Other than this, we listen to your ideas regarding your box designs. Our graphic designers feel pleasure in making your designer packaging. In addition to this, you can get these boxes in every size and dimension according to the dimensions of the packaging products.

Above all, our printing customization is icing on the cake for your custom packaging. For example, we offer digital printing, offset printing, and screen printing services. All of them make your Custom Full Flap Auto Bottom Boxes look attractive and appealing. In addition to this, fine finishing in the form of laminations and coatings gives a perfect look to all custom packaging. So, choose them wisely as we have a wide range of options for you.

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If you need additional information regarding your orders or possible custom choices, then GCustomBoxes is always available for your guidance. Our customer care staff is always there to help and guide you anytime. We feel pleasure in helping you.



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