Hexagon Boxes

Hexagon Boxes are one of the most stylish, cool, and elegant packaging boxes. These boxes are available with separate lids and attach lids as well. Due to their innovative and stylish looks, these boxes are best to keep your cosmetics and jewelry items. You can get them in various custom colors and logo prints from us. Our uniquely designed Custom Hexagon Boxes are everything that you need to pack your precious items. Above all, we use strong materials along with most recently printing inks. Besides this, we give special discounts to our valuable customers for Custom Logo Boxes also.

Hexagon Boxes 

Hexagon Boxes are meant to keep products that are more or less circular. As it is clear from the name these boxes are of hexagon shape, hence have six sides to face. These boxes are usually comprised of two parts or pieces. One is the top lid while the other is the base or bottom. Hence, the lid can be separated or glued to the box according to the preferences of customers. Their innovative box styles make them a favorite to keep many products. For example, you can use these boxes to keep your jewelry items, ornaments, make-up products, and other retailing things. Thus, these boxes are best to carry lightweight objects or products.

For customization of these stylish boxes, we offer countless options. So, you can choose the stock, color, prints, and designs or Custom Hexagon Boxes. These very unique and stylish boxes are now available in variable custom options. In this way, you can get the box of your choice completely. For better durability and safety, we recommend you choose cardboard stocks from our customer range. Thus, Cardboard Boxes in hexagon shape and eminent prints are best to market your products well. Other than the material of these boxes, the size of the box is another thing that must consider. Hence, we craft these boxes in your required sizes. Our team is master in making small as well as large boxes in six corner shapes.

Gets exclusive logo printing services for Hexagon Boxes

Logo printing and designing services are available at GCustomBoxes. We exclusively design your brand’s logo and then print them over your Hexagon Boxes. Hence, it is your choice that at which part of the box you want the logo to be printed. We can print it on lids and box sides as well. Besides this, custom logo designs are available so, you can make a quick look at your logo designs on your website as well.

Other than this, GCustomBoxes offer special wholesale discounts and deals to bulk purchasers. Moreover, by ordering Wholesale Hexagon Boxes, you can get various other benefits also. Affordable rates with great quality of boxes are available in this regard. For further information, you may call us.





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