Rigid Boxes

Rigid Boxes are highly protective and sturdy boxes. They are also multi-used boxes because you can pack your luxurious items, gifts, perfumes, apparel products, etc in these boxes. Our designers design these boxes in variable customization. So, you can get your Custom Rigid Boxes in your favorite style as well. Moreover, we use the latest printing and lamination techniques to print and laminate your boxes. Above all, our wholesale rates and free shipping services are remarkable. Choose GCustomBoxes to get the best custom boxes for your brands.

Rigid Boxes and their customization

It’s much clear from the name that Rigid Boxes are rigid and sturdy boxes. These are one of the most common yet unique types of packaging boxes. Moreover, they are available in a variety of designs, shapes, and styles. These boxes are generally used for luxurious items as they give complete protection to the products. Thus, customers put their trust in these boxes as they are protective enough to keep products safe. We make these boxes in variable sizes, shapes, prints, designs, and styles. Therefore, you are free to design your Custom Rigid Boxes. By choosing custom options, you can get your desired box. We have an exceptionally good team with lots of creative ideas. Hence, we craft your custom box in innovative styles. Various brands love to put their luxurious items in our boxes due to their eminent quality.

Benefits and uses of Rigid Boxes

It’s a proverb saying that the first impression is the last. We completely agree with this saying as an appealing product’s packaging grabs everyone’s attention. On the other hand, if a product’s packaging has ordinary looks then no one wants to buy this for sure. Therefore, brands love to use high-class Rigid Boxes for their products. These boxes are worth using as they are multi-purposes. Here we are enlisting some of the benefits and uses these boxes offer.

  • These boxes are best to keep your luxurious jewelry inside them. Due to their presentable looks and sturdiness, jewelry brands love to utilize them.
  • Chocolates, candies, and other sweets are packed in rigid Chocolate Boxes. These are of variable designs. We put paper insertions in these boxes to keep them more presentable.
  • The best use of these boxes is seen as gift packaging. Because of their great quality and attractiveness, these are also used as Gift Boxes.
  • Brands pack their luxurious apparel items, decorative pieces, expensive makeup products, etc in these boxes. Hence, they offer great protection along with presentations.

Make your present appealing through Rigid Gift Boxes

Is there anyone who does not like to get gifts? We guess no one! Gifts are highly praising therefore, you should give an extra effort to make them look attractive from packaging also. For this purpose, Rigid Gift Boxes are best to use. As they are rigid, so they keep luxurious gifts safe and protective. Hence, you can use them for watches, jewelry, perfumes, etc. packaging. Above all, we here at GCustomBoxes craft the most unique boxes for gifts and other luxurious items.

We add fabric coatings inside and outside the box. For example, silk and velvet coatings are best for these boxes. Moreover, we offer embossing, debossing, silver, and gold foiling options also. Thus, we design your Rigid Boxes exclusively by following your guidelines. Not only this, but we also use beautiful add-ons and tiny decorative pieces to make these boxes look more appealing. You can choose your add-ons and foiling by yourself as we give custom options.

Trendy box styles customization for Rigid Box Packaging

Various brands often require variety in packaging box styles. Trendy and latest box styles immediately hold the attention of a visitor in a retailer’s shop. Moreover, a unique box gives an imperative impression about a brand. Therefore, we offer our lovely customers the most stylish Rigid Box Packaging. Our professional designers have innovative ideas to style your box. Our hot selling boxes of this category are:

  • Magnetic closure rigid boxes
  • Foldable rigid boxes
  • Rigid boxes with lids
  • Rigid boxes with drawers
  • Luxury rigid boxes for gifts

Besides the above-mentioned box styles, we can design your Rigid Packaging in your favorite styles. You just have to share your styling thoughts with our designers. The remaining work is definitely up to us.

Custom printing and designing options

What makes a brand famous are its packaging boxes. How you present your products before customers is the real big deal. Thus, choose your packaging company very carefully. Attractive Presentation Boxes with eminent printing serve the purpose of branding very well. Consequently, we give our clients various printing and designing custom options. For designing Custom Rigid Boxes, we have custom design templates. Choose your favorite design from our custom options or tell us your wished design as well.

For printing, we utilize the latest printing techniques. Digital printing, offset printing, screen printing, etc is some of the options for printing. Besides this, we have the most recent 3D printing technology to give the latest look to your Rigid Boxes. Choose whatever you want as we give you full freedom in choosing your favorite print and design as well. After printing, we laminate your boxes with matte, gloss, and aqueous laminations. It’s your call which lamination you want for your custom boxes.

Need affordable rates? Get Wholesale Rigid Boxes

Due to the increasing demands of packaging boxes, every brand is looking forward to getting them at affordable rates. Wholesale purchasing is a very good option in getting reasonable pricing. Thus, we also offer our customers Wholesale Rigid Boxes for their brands and businesses. When you order in bulk or wholesale amounts, you will get special discounts as regard. In addition to this, you will get the maximum number of boxes at the minimum possible rates. So, do not overthink and place your order now to get other special discounts.

Free and efficient shipping at GCustomBoxes

GCustomBoxes being a highly acknowledged packaging company always work for the betterment of its customers. We are famous due to our out-class box quality and eminent designs of Custom Boxes. Besides this, we have a vast variety of customization. So, a customer can get its favorite box as your designers give free designing assistance as well. Not only this, but we have free shipping services also. Our free shipping services if for US and Canadian clients. Apart from that, for other parts of the world, we have negligible shipping charges. If you have any queries regarding anything, feel free to call our customer calling ID.


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