Self Lock Cake Box

Bakery products are quite sensitive, as they can get deformed if no proper packaging is given to them. Cakes, cupcakes, and dessert special require safe and durable packaging boxes. Self Lock Cake Box is among the finest choices to pack your cakes safely. Thus, these boxes are design and craft by keeping in view the size and shape of the cake. Therefore, we take custom orders to make Self Lock Cake Packaging to meet your requirements. As the name suggests this box has self-locks so both its walls and front panel are locked when we shut down the box. So, there are hardly any chances for spilling out your packaging content.

Self Lock Cake Box

The name of the box is enough to introduce it to your audience. Self-Lock Cake Box is utilizing mostly by the cake industry and it has self-locking properties due to its structure. Its double walls and lock features increase its durability. Hence it is quite a good option to pack and display your cakes and other desserts. Moreover, we add a window on its lid that is also covering with a PVC sheet. Due to window addition, this box becomes best to display your cakes in a Bakery.

Not only for display but this box is also good for shipping and takeaway purposes. We utilize cardboard material for the manufacturing of Self Lock Cake Packaging. As cardboard is eco-friendly so it is completely safe to pack your food products in this packaging. Moreover, it is a strong and hard material that maintains the shape of your cakes as well. Other than cardboard, we also utilize Kraft, cardstock, and corrugated materials for crafting custom packaging solutions. So, it is all dependent on a customer that which sort of packaging he wants from us.

Logo printing to make your Self Lock Cake Boxes recognizable

It is the desire of almost every cake brand that its customers recognize it well. Thus, for this reason, we recommend you to get the logo printed Self Lock Cake Boxes by GCustomBoxes. We are exceptional in crafting these boxes as our logo designs are creative and memorable. Above all, we have a diversity of customizations in logo designing and box designing. Our boxes are best to keep your cakes safe while shipping and transferring. Besides logo designs we make your Cake Packaging look attractive by adding various add-ons. Thus, we use ornaments and decorative items like bows, ribbons, and brooches to make these boxes perfect for every occasion.

GCustomBoxes gives special discounts

We here at GCustomBoxes give special discounts and wholesale rates to our customers. If you order in bulk amounts, we give you our Self Lock Cake Packaging at special wholesale rates. Other than this, we have prestigious discount deals to offer you on special occasions. Above all, our shipping is free to the US and Canada while is negligible to all other parts of the world




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