Straight Tuck End Boxes


Rectangular shape Straight Tuck End Boxes are higher in demand due to their multi-purpose uses. These are durable packaging boxes that can keep a diversity of products inside them. Above all, custom size variations and dimensions make these boxes suitable for every kind of retailing stuff. Moreover, GCustomBoxes print the brand’s logo on these boxes along with brief product details as well. If you need add-ons or additional coatings, we will provide them also. For wholesale discounts, call us anytime at the given number.

Custom Straight Tuck End Boxes

Straight Tuck End Boxes is a common and mostly used box style that is used to keep a variety of products inside it. Its straight tuck option makes it suitable to keep cosmetics, skincare items, and other retail goods as well. Not only this, this box has additional benefits and features that are described below in detail.

This box is easy to assemble and it is one of the most common kinds of packaging. Hence, it is a multi-purpose box that can grab various items inside it. It is preferable to use because of the material of the box. We use high-class cardboard and Kraft materials mostly for these boxes. Hence, due to the sturdiness, these boxes offer full safety and protection of the products that are inside the box. As we make custom boxes so you can choose the material of the stock as per your requisites.

Customizable Straight Tuck End Box Wholesale

The style of the box is convenient to carry makeup products and lotions etc. The straight tuck option makes these boxes easy to open. To make these boxes more attractive, we utilize eminent printing and contemporary logo design additions. Hence, our team gives you your brand’s logo that is exclusive for you. Besides this, an additional die-cut window makes these boxes visually appealing. Due to the presence of a window, the insides items can be seen easily and hence make it good for displaying items. We can add a PVC sheet to these windows for safety purposes.

Most importantly, the dimensions of the box are customizable that meet your requirements. So, you can get Straight Tuck End Boxes of your preferable sizes that are best suitable to keep your selling items.

Get Wholesale Straight Tuck End at GCustomBoxes

GCustomBoxes is a master in providing wholesale or bulk boxes that depicts perfection in quality also. Due to our excellent box materials, we are famous in the packaging sector. But quality is not solely the reason behind our popularity. Along with the quality, we charge the best and reasonable prices. Hence, we also provide Wholesale Straight Tuck End Boxes that are quite profitable for you to order. In other services, we offer free delivery to the US and Canada. Place your order now to get exclusive discounts


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