Tuck End Auto Bottom Boxes

Contemporary yet latest Tuck End Auto Bottom Boxes are available at GCustomBoxes. We are exceptional in making these boxes that offer durability along with great presentation as well. A Tuck End Auto Bottom Box is perfect to keep your luxurious stuff due to the overlapping layers or panels at the bottom of the box. Besides this, this box is auto-locked or you can say pre-locked from the bottom hence; provides safety and protection to the packaging commodities. In addition to this, for marketing your brand’s items, we design your logos and signature as well and print them over these boxes as well.

Tuck End Auto Bottom Box

Tuck End Auto Bottom is a pre-fixed box that is designed to keep any kind of material inside it. This box has unique characteristics as it can double over in a flat shape. While if you want to restore its previous shape, you can easily do. Moreover, it is a rectangular-shaped box that intends to hold various products of alternative sizes and shapes. The bottom of the box sue to its tuck gives lock characteristics. Other than this, as these boxes are of sturdy materials so these are best to utilize for your precious items. The safety and security of the product will be up to the box. GCustomBoxes provides a wide range of customizable options to craft these boxes exclusive for your brands.

Printing techniques and coloring variations

Tuck End Auto Bottom Boxes are very useful as they provide security, durability, and presentation altogether. Moreover, our creative designers add icing to the cake through their unique ideas and creative logo design services. We have plenty of logo design options for you. Hence, you have two choices, either select from our available designs or you can tell us your logo design that you always imagine. We will be exceptional in both ways. Apart from this, we use the latest printing patterns and coloring schemes as well. CMYK and PMS are two options that we are offering for coloring and shadings. While for printing, we have special digital printing, screen printing, and offset printing services to offer for our Wholesale Custom Boxes range.

GCustomBoxes as your packaging partner

GCustomBoxes being a famous packaging company working in the US and Canada, is becoming famous all around the world due to its remarkable packaging services. To provide upgraded and latest packaging box styles to the utilization of vibrant colors and shades for Tuck End Auto Bottom Boxes, we always remain exceptionally good. Not only this, but we are also offering the most affordable pricing range that is suitable for all customers around the world. Other than this, we provide 100% free shipping to the US and Canada as we are working from here.




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